Choosing the Right Capsule Part 2 – Vegetarian

Vegetarian Capsules

Today, it’s quite common for people to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. To ensure inclusiveness for all individuals, vegetarian capsules are available for those who refrain from consuming meat or other animal products. Produced strictly from plant-derived ingredients, vegetarian capsules meet the needs of those who do not wish to consume animal products.

Advantages of Vegetarian Capsules

Vegetarian capsules are a popular choice among consumers. This is mainly because our vegetarian capsules are made from only HPMC (Hypromellose) and water, making them free of any animal byproducts. HPMC is derived from vegetable cellulose, which is made up of the trunks of pine and spruce trees that come from the Southwestern Unites States. In addition to this, vegetarian capsules are free of preservatives, allergens, starches, gluten, dairy, wheat and GMOs, and are both Kosher and Halal Certified.

Vegetarian capsules are also a much better fit for a variety of products including moisture sensitive, hygroscopic and liquid formulations, whereas gelatin capsules may be less tolerant for these substances. Like gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules are helpful for masking odors and bad tastes, easy to swallow, dissolve in the stomach and are available in sizes 4, 3, 2,1, 0 and 00 (view size chart).

Storing Vegetarian Capsules
Capsules should always be stored in a cool and dry place to preserve their quality and keep them from cracking or becoming deformed. The perfect temperature for vegetarian capsules is 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit / 15-30 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity between 35-70%. If kept in this condition, capsules can last up to five years and beyond before they expire.

The Bottom Line
Consumers have a multitude of reasons as to why they prefer taking their herbal supplements in vegetarian capsules instead of gelatin. If you have concerns with consuming gelatin or will be filling the capsules with liquids, then vegetarian capsules may be an ideal fit. Browse to see the full line of our vegetarian capsules in stock right now!

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