Do it yourself ideas to keep your family healthy

Just keeping yourself healthy seems like a challenge sometimes, let alone an entire family. However, we are here to make it easier for you with these do it yourself ideas to keep to family healthy. Read on!

Eat Healthy

We are pretty adamant about what you put into your body over here. So, it seems only obvious that any ideas to keep you family healthy start here. Some of our favorites include:

  • Making smart food choices: While it may seem tough for parents, healthy eating starts with good choices. If unhealthy options don’t make it to your fridge or pantry, restriction is out of the equation as well. Now, this doesn’t mean that healthy snacks can’t be tasty or fun, it means keeping easy options available that become the healthy go-to. Ideas include keeping chopped up fruits and veggies, nuts and pretzels instead of sweets and unhealthy packaged goods.
  • Meal prepping: When you take spur-of-the-moment choices out of the day, healthier options can easily become a part of your routine. It’s not about going all out but instead counting on a few reliable options. How does oatmeal for breakfast sound? There are plenty of easy to do options that take the guesswork out of what to eat next like salads, sandwiches and even soups that can be portioned and stored.
  • Eating together: Healthy habits are learned through example which is why we strongly encourage to have family sit-downs. We know every family member may have different schedules so look for a moment that works, whether that’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. This provides a space for families to come together and support body appreciation.
  • Fuel up: To keep yourself and your family healthy it’s also about making sure you get the fuel you need to navigate your day. This means getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help your body run well. This is why we recommend complementing your diet with the right supplements for you. Whether that means supplements to support you in your fitness goals or making your own capsules in order to manage special conditions like kid’s allergies or mood levels with natural ingredients. We are strong believers that through the use of natural ingredients, you enhance your health and get your body to peak performance.


Play and Engage

It’s all about balance and leading by example so another important part of healthy living is having a time to play and engage in physical activities together. Some ideas include:

  • Family dance parties: Just press play and dance around in the living room is fun and brings the family together.
  • Setting an example: While it may be tempting to schedule your yoga class before the kids get up, we suggest setting an example and taking a class together. There are a ton of available options through apps and YouTube, from Pilates, to cardio. This makes kids part of the solution and teaches them to value physical activities.
  • Family sports and games: There are plenty of games and activities that encourage family time: scavenger hunts, shooting hoops, dodgeball and much more. We challenge you to take it up a notch and even setup tournaments and start up some healthy competition. Team up!


Bond with your family members

As a parent, it’s important to try to setup a healthy family dynamic. One that suits your family’s particular environment, communication style and available resources. Some ideas include:

  • Share healthy hobbies: While not every kid will love tennis if you do, it’s about the bigger picture: discipline, engaging in physical activity, valuing your opponents, and much more.
  • Pets: Not all families have pets, but this is also a great way to come together as a family. Shared responsibilities like feeding, walking and cleaning up for and after your pets is a great way to teach kids about accountability, cooperation and compassion.
  • Making time for individuality: We’ve talked about doing things together but being part of a family also means leaving room for self-expression and experimenting. Not all kids will share their parents’ tastes, much less those of their siblings. This is why it’s more about values than the exact way they are played out. Some kids may enjoy reading, others playing an instrument and much more. Let them!


As you may have seen throughout this post, keeping your family healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Start by identifying simple changes that you can make to your life and get the ball rolling!

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