Fall into Encapsulating with Capsuline

Summer has ended and now is the time for costumes, corn mazes, Tom Turkey, pumpkin spice everything, and family. This Fall, we are going to recall what we are thankful for and build memories with our loved ones. Memories we can cherish forever, if we build our minds. Empty capsules by Capsuline can be used to encapsulate the best herbs, liquid and powdered substances.

Here are the 3 Must Have Cognitive Enhancing Supplements This Fall.


Fish oil is packed with DHA and EPA, two kinds of Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is and acid that is responsible for maintaining the structure and function of the brain. It accounts for 25% of the total fat and 90% of the Omega-3 fat that is found in brain cells.  

DHA improves thinking skills, memory, and reaction time in people who are healthy, but who’s DHA intake may not be as high as it should.  

EPA has anti-inflammatory effects, that protect the brain against the damages of aging. EPA is not always linked to brain function but has been shown to help those who are suffering from depression. Two vegetarian capsules of fish oil a day, can improve your mood! 


We all know that there is a natural amount of caffeine that is found in tea, coffee, and dark chocolate. Caffeine is known for stimulating the brain cells and helping us feel not so tired and more alert throughout our days. It can also help us to feel more energized, improve our reaction time, and general brain function.  

One cup of coffee usually has 50-400 mg of caffeine in it, but for most people, a single dose of 200-400mg a day is safe and is also enough to benefit your health. If you are feeling sluggish in the mornings, but don’t have time for a cup o’ joe, keep some gelatin capsules of caffeine in your desk at work! 


This substance is one that we naturally create in our bodies, found mostly in our muscles and small amounts can also be found in the brain as well. A size 5 capsule is enough creatine per day for the human body. Creatine plays a role in energy and metabolism. It can improve memory and thinking skills in people who are vegetarians. Vegetarians who take creatine supplements experience a 25-50% improvement in performance of memory.  


Enhance your energy safely. Always make sure to consult with a doctor before encapsulating and make sure that the recommendations above are fit for you. Enjoy the health benefits of these supplements while you create memories with your families over the Fall holidays!  

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