Happy Father’s Day from Capsuline!

Father’s Day is upon us and at Capsuline we want to wish Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there. We want to make sure you’re taken care of which is why we’ve set up this short gift guide for different types of dads.


The intellectual dad

If he isn’t into it yet, reading devices are a great gift for Dad's who enjoy the activity. While it may require some adjusting, once he grows accustomed to it, there will be no stopping that intellectual thirst with such a wide availability of titles, languages. Plus, it’s easy use and portable!

The fit dad

At Capsuline, we are strong advocates for men’s health, so for all those fit dads, we have our share of gift ideas. From tech devices for their active lifestyle like fitness trackers and headphones, to subscriptions to new activities like bootcamp classes, yoga or Pilates, to special gear and gifts to further their nutrition goals, there are several ideas for the fitness inclined father. Empty capsules that will allow them to create their own supplements can also be a nice present, specially if you help them choosing the right ingredients!

The foodie dad

Is your dad the foodie type? Don’t just think about grilling gifts like BBQS and grilling tool sets, get creative and think about other gifts to suit the foodie that lives within! Rare spice sets, iron skillets and why not funny aprons for the foodie dad!

The business type dad

No Father’s Day gift guide would be complete without a nod to the classics: ties, shirts and briefcases usually make the cut because although stereotypical, always make a good gift. So, don’t be afraid to update your dad’s attire or include some tech gadgets for the business-minded dad, those gifts are well-received! 

At Capsuline we want to celebrate all types of dads, so we’ve set up a special Father’s Day sale that runs through June 21th with 10% off all orders of empty capsule bags and free shipping on orders over $29.99. Take advantage of our sale, it’s a fit for any type of dad!

 What’s your Father’s Day tradition? We invite you to connect with us and share!


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