Happy Mother’s Day!

Amazing, Loving, Strong, Happy, Selfless, Grateful… What adjective best describes your mother or you as a mother? Here are Capsuline we think you’re all that and much more! That’s why we celebrate Mother’s Day and for this special occasion, we want to share some of our loyal Moms Awesomeness! Because all flowers deserve to bloom during Spring, here are their ideas:

Educational Games for Kids Using non GMO/Gluten free/ Kosher Certified Empty Capsules

You might be wondering how playing with Empty Gelatin Capsules can be fun and useful. Capsules are usually used to storage herbs, medicine and other liquid substances. But some of our customers are also using them to stimulate their children’s creativity and fine motor.

By purchasing our Colored Capsules for their fun and appealing aspect mothers do not only plan to make their own supplements, but they have come up with a series of exercises to stimulate their children’s intelligence. Here’s how:

Some of the exercises that you can make your child do using our Capsules:

What you need:

  • Colored Capsules / Flavored Capsules (Available in Bubblegum, Berry, Lime, Strawberry).
  1. Improve their Mathematical skills – Ask them to count a specific number of capsules
  2. Stimulate their thinking and learning – Ask them to identify each color and count how many of each color they have.
  3. Work their fine motor – Ask them to open each capsule, and place smaller ones inside bigger ones. (Size 0 inside our size 000 Capsules for example).
  4. Develop their spatial thinking – Ask them to fill as many capsules as they can inside different plastic cups sizes.

Didactic Time at Home

These exercises can be very interesting and a fun way to stimulate your child’s skills. This is also the perfect opportunity to introduce them to these small objects that they sometimes see but don’t understand that each of them may contain something different inside.  Therefor it is important to never place a capsule inside their mouths without the consent of an adult as they can store anything inside.

Flavored Capsules used to hide the painful tasting experience of medicine for kids

We’ve also witnessed a lot of Mother testimonials on how our Flavored capsules have made their life’s so much easier. That’s right. As much as we love liquid flavored medicine for kids, we sometimes don’t have the option for nice tasting medicine. Asking our children to swallow medicine can be tedious and as they grow, they overthink everything we are feeding them.

They can smell it and they have experience the soar taste so be ready for grumpy and sad faces. Wondering what’s our solution? Flavored and Colored Capsules! They’ve become a must-have for most moms.

It’s a practical and a smart move. No more tears and drama, the flavored capsules perfectly hide the unwanted taste of medicine and their color is fun and appealing for kids.

We all have to admit, Mothers do know how to put happy smiles in our faces and this is one of them. Start making your life a little easier!

To all Mothers reading this post today and the ones that have shared their stories, Happy Mother’s Day! You are amazing!

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