How to Celebrate Halloween at Home

This year's Halloween celebrations will likely be different than all other years.  We won’t have the usual dress up parties, harvest festivals, haunted houses, and for some even trick or treating. We know how much your kids look forward to all the Halloween celebrations and activities, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to celebrate Halloween at home! Nobody wants to see their child sad on Halloween and the last thing we want is a house of bored and complaining children, these activities will surely keep them laughing and spooking all Halloween long! 

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 1. Build a haunted fort in your house. A regular old blanket with some pillows to hold it up is the perfect spot to keep your kids excited. Make it a game and see how spooky they can make the inside. Add some LED candles, fake cobwebs, spooky decorations or anything else you want. If you have limited space indoors and have access to an outdoor area, then you can use a tent to make the adventure just as fun. Regular activities like watching a movie, eating a snack, or reading a book will feel like an amazing adventure when done inside the spooky fort.  


 2. Have a dress up dinner party. This activity is a great way to get make your kids feel excited about their costume and make them forget they aren’t going out. It’s a regular dinner but everyone is dressed up in their favorite costume and everything is tweaked to make it spooky for Halloween. You can choose how elaborate you want to make it, from the decorations to the food. Some ideas for food are ghost cookies, blood dripping red velvet cupcakes, rice krispy mummy treats, cheesy pastry puffs that look like eyeballs, bat shaped noodles, mummy hot dogs, and so much more! A quick look online and you’ll find yourself with hundreds of the spookiest and tastiest recipes you’ll kids will love! Don’t forget to decorate your table with cobwebs, spooky centerpieces, and festive place settings to really set the mood.  


3. Halloween inspired dance party. Filled with songs like “Thriller,” “The Monster Mash, “Ghostbusters,” or any of your kids favorite Halloween songs. Decorate your house with Halloween decorations, fill some bowls with candy and chocolate, turn the lights down, get some funky LED lights, and turn the music up to have a dance party right at home! To keep the kids entertained you can have a dance competition or have everyone dress up and have a costume contest.  


4. If a dance party isn’t really your thing then throw a spooky movie marathon. Kick back with your families favorite Halloween movies. Whip up a batch of popcorn, candy, and chocolate snacks your family loves and have yourself a relaxing and spooky Halloween movie marathon.  


5. Although this can get messy, you’ll kids will have a blast doing it! Get yourself an inexpensive Halloween face-painting kit and let the kids get creative. A face painting party will keep your kids occupied and excited for quite some time. You can have your kids paint each other's faces and even yours for maximum amount of fun. You can have a competition and see who’s face paint is the spookiest.  


6. Have aHalloween arts and crafts party. There are hundreds of arts and crafts ideas out there. From making monster puppets with paper lunch bags to spooky paper cut outs the options are seriously endless and affordable. You can hang the arts and crafts around your house when the kids are done to keep the Halloween spirit alive.  


7. A classic Halloween activity that never gets boring is carving your own pumpkins. You can use one big pumpkin or a few small ones and have your kids draw what they want and with your help you can carve it out together.Then, place the finished pumpkins around your house so your kids can see their creations all Halloween long. If you find that carving pumpkins isn’t really for you then have a pumpkin painting party. See who can make the best pumpkin using paint, markers, or cut out pumpkin shapes using scissors and paper.  


8. Build a haunted gingerbread house. It’s a Halloween variation of a holiday gingerbread house. You can make it from scratch or buy prefab kits from stores like Target or Trader joe’s. If you decide to get all the ingredients yourself, you can use graham crackers to skip the baking. Either way your kids will love the activity 


9. If youkids are like most then surely, they love cookies. Bake some cookies with your kids and have them decorate them as spooky as possible. You can make your cookies from scratch or easily get pre-made dough from any grocery store. Buy some sprinkles and frosting and let the kids go crazy. 


10. Halloween game night is the perfect way to spend time with your family while incorporating Halloween fun. You can buy Halloween themed board games or download ones from online. Halloween themed games are all over the internet and are available to download for free. Some favorites include Halloween bingo, tic-tac-toe, twister, pin the tail on the donkey, and so many more You can get inexpensive prizes from the Dollar tree, target, or have candy be the prize!  No matter what you choose it’ll be a night full of excitement and laughter.  


Although we’re all sad about not being able to have a regular Halloween this year, these activities will keep your kids excited and make them forget all about not being able to go out. Make sure to decorate your house with your kids so they feel all the fun of the Halloween celebrationAs a special Halloween treat, we’re offering all our customers a sweet deal of buy one get one 50% off! Don’t miss this special offer, use code Spooky50 to get yours now!  



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