What Size of Capsule Should I Use to Encapsulate Kratom?

DIY - Making kratom capsules


It's interesting to note that many supplements can be made at home using easily accessible materials. This allows you to create an adequate supply of supplements for both yourself and your family. This principle also applies to Kratom capsules.

Kratom capsules have been used in traditional medicines for decades for their health benefits, and recently, kratom capsules have been getting more traction, with many people getting interested in the DIY method.

While, as you might already expect, there could be a big difference between the kratom capsules you make yourself and the professionally manufactured ones, you can be certain to get something worthwhile from your DIY method still. 

DIY: How to Make Kratom Supplements (using capsule 000) 

Let’s talk about making your kratom supplements in your home. The first thing is to get the materials you need ready. Below is a list of all the materials you will need to make kratom supplements, nice and easy:

  • Fill material: Your fill material is the ingredient(s) with which you intend to fill the capsules. In this DIY, your fill material is your kratom powder. 
  • Mortar and pestle: You will not need this if your ingredients are in a powder form, but if not, a mortar and pestle will help achieve a fine and consistent texture. 
  • Storage container: You may need a pill organizer or dark glass container to store the filled capsules. 

Once these materials are ready, follow the following steps to make your kratom supplements:

How to Make Kratom Supplements - Step by step

1. Prepare the ingredients

The first step is to mix the ingredients thoroughly and evenly. Preferably, do this with a bowl. You may need to first grind the ingredients into a fine powder with the mortar and pestle before mixing.  

2. Separate the empty capsules 

Carefully, separate the 000 capsules into halves; the body and cap. Gently place them on a clean surface or you could use a small clean dish. 

3. Fill the capsules by hand 

Gently, fill the body with the prepared material, which is your kratom powder. Push the powder down to fill the capsule half and feel solid.

* According to the standard, 000-sized capsule can take up to 1 gram of kratom powder. However, you can stuff your capsule to take more than 1 gram.  

* More importantly, the amount of kratom of powder that will be in your capsule will depend on your daily dosage. For most people, the typical dosage is between 1-5 grams. So, if your daily dose is about 3 grams, and you have 000-sized capsules, each containing 1 gram of kratom, you will need three capsules to meet your regular dosage.  

4. Cap the capsules 

Cover the capsule body with the cap carefully, ensure the edges align well, and then, snap them together. 

5. Store the capsules 

Carefully store the filled capsules in a dark glass container or, if you have one, a pill organizer. Keep the container away from moisture and sunlight.

Kratom supplements

Let’s go back and review some basics.

What is Kratom? 

A native tree of Southeast Asia, Kratom has been consumed for decades for its medicinal benefits. The tree leaves have been researched to contain a chemical called mitragynine. Mitragynine works like an opioid. Like opioids, it possesses pain-relieving activities, and this would mean it also has many safety concerns as other opioids.

Originally, people consumed kratom by brewing it into tea or chewing the leaves. However, in our world today, this substance has been made into keratom pills for consumers to enjoy. Kratom offers numerous health benefits. Let’s consider some below: 

Benefits of Kratom 

As said earlier, kratom comes in different forms. There are Kratom extract, Kratom powder, and Kratom pills, and they all have unique characteristics. For instance, kratom extract helps to improve focus, ease discomfort, and increase productivity.  

Kratom powder, while it produces similar activities, is known for its distinct taste and aroma. The powder has this somewhat earthy taste that not everyone can stomach. In a bid to mask the taste and aroma, kratom is not being produced as pills.  

Kratom pill, amongst the numerous health benefits it offers, such as increased sociability, high alertness, and relaxation, is easy to swallow and it allows the capsules to absorb quicker into your system. Other kratom benefits include; regulation of blood sugar, management of withdrawal symptoms, improvement of focus and mood, etc.  

Effects of Kratom  

While the kratom herb comes with many health benefits, it is not without its side effects. Kratom effects, especially when taken by mouth in large doses, may include; nausea, breathing difficulties, hallucination, aggression, and in extreme cases, death.

More so, long-term use of kratom has been associated with withdrawal symptoms and dependence similar to opioids. Consuming kratom is unsafe during pregnancy, among people with epilepsy and mental disorders, heart conditions, and alcohol dependence.  

Hence, care should be taken while consuming keratom supplements because of the side effects.


Consuming kratom capsules is the easier way to take your kratom. If you are on the go, in a hurry, or you just don’t like the taste of kratom, then you should consider the capsule form of it. Preferably, use the 000 capsules to encapsulate kratom as it

Interestingly, if you are on a tight budget, you should consider making kratom capsules yourself. It is more cost-effective in terms of money and time.