Preparing for Thanksgiving with Capsuline

For generations, families all across America have sat down on the eve of the fourth Thursday in November for a delicious meal centered on a large thanksgiving turkey. Whether you’re playing board games or watching football, the communal aspect of thanksgiving is heightened when everyone is partaking in the same activities. In the spirit of giving, here are three ways to better your Thanksgiving.

Indigestion Alleviation

Beat the indigestion after eating during the holidays by filling your vegetarian capsules from Capsuline with Baking Soda, Ginger powder or Licorice powder after a meal. The baking soda will neutralize stomach acid, the ginger reduces the overall production of stomach acid and the Licorice powder calms muscle spasms and inflammation.

Correlation between Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Health

Let’s suppose Aunt Cathy has a poor diet and insists upon making everyone else at the Thanksgiving table as miserable as her. Note that these two occurrences are mutually exclusive, that is , they do both occur at the same time not independent of each other.

 There is significant evidence for stipulating that poor diet leads too insufficient vitamins and nutrients. These nutrients are important for the formation of special compounds tied to mental health; an underproduction of such compounds leads to a poorer mental health state.

Correlation between Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Health

Illustration: Mala Nimalasuriya with permission from

All you need to know about this very complicated flowchart is that the neurotransmitters Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine all influence mood and emotional well-being. The arrow on the top right, points to ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, the source of energy for living cells and Folate which is a common form of Vitamin B9. The main takeaway from this flowchart, is to visualize the input and output effects with the intermediary results.

As the famous adage goes “You are what you eat”, the effects of your diet often show in your physicality. For example, UV light from the sun damages our bodies’ largest organ, the skin, with the consumption of Vitamin E, the effects are minimized. Since Vitamin E cannot be produced by the body, one must consume it in our diets and supplements. Since we know that aunty Cathy doesn’t have a great diet, consider offering her some of your homemade multivitamin supplements from Capsuline.

Gift from me to me

Never fear, thanksgiving is almost over and then Black Friday’s here! Remember when I insinuated that Christmas was better because it has presents, one day after Thanksgiving in America, is Black Friday which means that you’ll be able to load up on presents for you, yourself and you? Another thing to be grateful for, not having to re-learn the correct ways to form subject to object pronouns. Luckily for you, those empty capsules you need for Aunt Cathy are now 10% off on all Vegetarian Capsules and 15% off on Gelatin Capsules for Black Friday Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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