The ultimate guide to CBD for dogs

CBD has gained popularity because of its healing properties in humans, but did you know that your pets can benefit as well? Whether you’ve heard about it from a fellow pet owner, your vet suggested it, or you’ve just started your online research, it’s important to get informed about CBD for your dog. Read on to find out how your dog can benefit from CBD using it with Pet Caps by Capsuline.

Capsules for Pets

What is CBD?

Let’s start off answering the most basic question: What is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound from the cannabinoid family. This particular string or cannabinoid occurs naturally in the cannabis and hemp plant and has been found to be particularly useful to treat pain, fight anxiety and contribute to a better night’s sleep. Because it comes from the cannabinoid family, a common misconception is that it is psychoactive like marijuana. In fact, CBD does not contain THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that gives marijuana “mind-altering” properties. In essence, CBD is another compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant, which has been found to possess therapeutic qualities.

How is CBD useful for my dog?

As a pet owner you know that your dog may suffer from many diseases and ailments that occur in humans, which means that they may be facing pain, anxiety, nausea and discomfort associated with chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes and epilepsy, among others. This is where CBD may be useful, since studies and shared experiences have shown that it has contributed to dogs’ wellbeing. Science has shown that cannabinoids interact with receptors within nervous systems, which is why it is a natural and holistic solution to many health problems, both in humans and in pets (not limited to dogs, includes cats and horses as well).

Possible side-effects of CBD on your dog

Like with any medication or alternative therapy, side-effects or risks may occur, which is first and foremost, we recommend talking with your Vet to ensure proper dosage and to seek professional advice on administering CBD to your dog since it may vary according to breed, medical history and other factors. Common side effects may include drowsiness, a hungrier and thirstier doggy, and lowered blood pressure. It’s important to monitor your dog’s body language and behavior to make sure CBD is right for him or her!

How can I give my dog CBD?

CBD is available in several forms including oil, tincture, lotion, dog treats or chewables, and in capsule form.

PetCaps for Dogs

Using Capsuline’s PetCaps to give your dog CBD

At Capsuline we have developed an entire line for pets. Our gelatin capsules are top quality and specifically designed with your pet in mind. Available in beef, chicken and bacon flavors, these capsules make the ultimate treat not just for CBD, but for any medication you may need to administer to your pet. Particularly with CBD, our capsules are great to ensure proper dosage, lower your costs by doing it yourself, and mask any unwanted flavors while getting all the desired benefits linked to CBD.

Got any more questions regarding CBD and our PetCaps? Get in touch through social media, we want to make sure your pets get all those healthy perks and medical benefits linked to CBD, start now!