Welcome Movember!


Men have always been seen as a stronger and unbeatable gender, and they surely are physically stronger than women. However, when it comes to health and emotions, the weight could be aligned to the female’s standards.

While many people associate Movember with mustaches, there's a more meaningful and known cause behind it. The Movember annual event is an involving movement that promotes the men's health awareness, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. Men around the world have become supportive of each other and we see mustaches all over the place!

Ladies and Gent, here are four ways to participate in MOVEMBER:

  1. Grow your Mo: Pledge to grow your mustache for 30 days and donate to any men’s foundation. Here are some foundations you could actively support:
  1. Take the MOVE challenge: Get physically active this Movember by running a race or working out. Invite men friends and share your health progress in social media or chat groups.
  1. Plan a Movember event: Plan and host a health Movember event to raise money and donate to a men’s cause.
  1. LADIES, here is an opportunity for you, too: Give away a healthy souvenir to your men friends and show them how to become health conscious. An empty capsules encapsulation kit could be a good idea to get them started!


Need some Mustache inspiration?

Need some Mustache inspiration?

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