Capsuline's Price Match Program

Capsuline's empty capsules have the best quality of raw ingredients and are manufactured in North & South America. Our prices are not the cheapest but we do guarantee quality and transparency of ingredients.

See if you qualify for a price match today!

How To Qualify?

Find out if your product qualifies for price match in three simple steps.
* To enter the program one must be willing to purchase at least 5 boxes.  

1. Provide product

  • Same Capsule Size
  • Same Color
  • Same Capsule Type
  • Same Quantity of empty capsules.

2. Submit proof of
better pricing

  • Proof of better pricing should be sent by email to our team.
  • The price must include shipping cost.

3. Meet MOQ

  • We will only match the price for the equivalent amount quoted by our competitors.
  • MOQ: 5 boxes