Hide your pet's medication in Chicken and Beef flavored empty capsules for a delightful medicine-giving experience.

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Product Ingredients & Specifications

PetCaps Chicken and beef Flavored capsules makes giving medicine to your cats and dogs an easy task! Our unique formula contains a flavorful coating that will mask the smell of any type of pet medicine, so your pet will enjoy consuming the capsule and medication.

100% Bovine Gelatin, Water and Artificial Chicken Flavor.

Great filling capacity for powders, herbs and liquids.

Available in three different sizes.

Kosher and Halal Certified.



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Feeding guidelines

Feed as a treat


Open the hard-shell empty capsule with your thumb and forefinger; insert medicine.

Snap together

Using the same hand to hold the BODY and CAP, squeeze the top half closed.


Treat is now sealed, and
you can feed it to your cat or dog.

Choose the right size for your dog

Size 1 and size 3 are perfect for both cats and dogs. Size 3 being the smallest size available.

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CBD has gained popularity because of its healing properties in humans, but did you know that your pets can benefit as well? Whether you’ve heard about it from a fellow pet owner, your vet suggested it, or you’ve just started your online research, it’s important to get informed about CBD for your dog.

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