Filling your capsule is as easy as 1,2,3

Designed to fit your own needs!

The RoboLQ™ simplifies the liquid filling process by allowing you to create custom formulas with ease. With RoboDose Software, you just need to input what you want to be filled, the active and inactive ingredients then let the RoboLQ™ do the work.

You can also sort your saved formulas in the library and track yours machine history all in one place.

Designed to automate the liquid capsule filling process, the RoboLQ™ can run at a range of different speeds and be customized to fit numerous setups. RoboLQ™ can fill all capsules from sizes 00 to 4.

RoboLQ™ meets the highest quality control and precision standards. We manufacture to TUV Rhineland Standards and conform to ISO: 9001 standards for quality control and ISO: 8555-6 for an accurate dispense, every time.

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