Calcium Complex w/ A&D - 60 Count Tablets

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  • FORTIFY YOUR DEFENSES - Stay in top shape and keep various conditions at bay! Our nutritional supplement is loaded with ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which promotes a more robust immune system.
  • SUPPORTS CONNECTIVE TISSUES - A great benefit of our vitamin C supplement is its support of collagen production. It may contribute to stronger connective tissues, including ligaments and tendons.

  • KEEP FREE RADICALS AT BAY - Take good care of your cells with our ascorbic acid vitamin C tablets. They have properties that may help combat cell damage from free radicals for a healthier aging process.

  • STRONG FORMULA, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our immunity supplement contains citrus bioflavonoid complex, rutin, hesperidin complex, acerola, and rose hips. Mother nature’s finest immune boosters!.

  • AN INDUSTRY LEADER - Source vitamin C complex from a brand you can trust. We have been formulating vitamin C 1000mg tablets in the USA since 2002 in line with guidelines from the FDA and the GMP.
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