Capsu-Tray All-in-one capsule filling tray

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Capsule Size

This compact capsule filling tray by Capsuline is designed to manually fill your empty capsules with various supplement ingredients. Compact, innovative and easy-to-use, this capsule filling tray will allow you to save time and encapsulate your own supplements on the go like a Pro!

Rectangular Holding Tray 100% food & dishwasher safe

Special Characteristics
  • Built-in holes to hold 25 for easy filling and capping
  • Numbered holes for simple capsule counting
  • This tray has no mechanical or moving parts and does not provide any means to automate capsule filling

  • 3 Piece Capsule Filling Tray includes:
  • tray, pin plate and a squeegee
  • Dishwasher friendly

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