Magnesium 500mg Complex - 60 Count Capsules

  • FIND YOUR CALM - Soothe your mind and be at ease. This dietary supplement contains 500mg of magnesium complex, which supports a relaxed and peaceful mood, cognitive acuity, and stress relief..
  • ENJOY RESTFUL NIGHTS - With a calm, worry-free mind, you can sleep soundly and rejuvenate your sore body. These magnesium capsules support the parasympathetic nervous system to achieve this..

  • GET THE ENERGY TO MOVE - Power through the day with our magnesium pills supplement. It may help increase energy levels for everyday activities and sports, especially after a good night’s sleep.

  • BEAT PAINS & ACHES - Dealing with muscle cramps or headaches? Our magnesium supplement may help combat those. Magnesium complex supports the body’s muscles, potentially limiting these painful episodes.

  • A RELIABLE NAME - Our promise has been the same since 2002: to deliver quality mineral supplements you can trust. All of our products are made in the USA in accordance with GMP’s guidelines..
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