Capsule Sizes: Understanding the Capsule Numbering Nomenclature

If you are unfamiliar with the pharmaceutical industry, the capsule sizing system that you see on our website might seem counter intuitive. After all, most consumers are used to thinking of things numerically increasing as they get larger. Size 8 loafers are larger than size 6, which are larger than a size 4. A size 10 pant is bigger than a size 9.

With this is mind, it is understandable that you’d use the same logic to conclude that a size 5 capsule is larger than a size 1 when placing an order for capsules. However, this is incorrect. 

Capsule Numeric Sizing System

Our capsules (both gelatin or vegetable derived) are numbered with sizes ranging from 5 (the smallest) to 000 (the largest). So, ordering a size 5 capsule wouldn’t result in you receiving the largest capsules we carry, but rather the smallest! 

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Inverse Correlation

When two variables are inversely correlated, it means that as one variable moves one direction the other moves in the opposite direction. In other words, as one variable gets larger the other gets smaller, and vice versa.

Our capsules numeric designation and the capsules actual size is an example of an inverse correlation. A size 5 capsule is actually smaller than a size 1.

If you are a consumer this might seem like an odd choice. However, the pharmaceutical industry exclusively uses this numeric sizing system and so do we. Using this standard sizing system allows us to ensure that both encapsulators and consumers receive the proper capsule for their needs.

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Which Capsule Size is Right for You?

Now that you understand some of the ins and outs of our capsule numeric sizing system, you might find yourself with other questions about our sizing chart, how to read it, or how to know which capsule sizes are right for you.

You can find all of that and more by following our capsuline size chart or read our post: A Guide to Choosing the Right Capsule Size for Your Needs.

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