Size 00 Vegetarian Capsules in Bulk

Buy empty vegetarian capsules size 00 in bulk. Our veggie capsules are made from 100% plant-derived materials. They are Kosher and Halal certified, Non-GMO, and Vegan Society certified. Available in a wide variety of colors.


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There are various reasons why someone may choose vegetarian capsules, including:
- Dietary restrictions.
- Religious or cultural beliefs.
- Health considerations.
- Environmental concerns.
- Ethical concerns.

Empty vegetarian capsules are typically made from two main types of materials:
- Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC).
- Pullulan.
Both HPMC and pullulan are both vegan-friendly and do not contain any animal products or by-products.

Here are some types of medications that can be filled into a 00 vegetarian capsule:
- Herbal Supplements.
- Vitamins and Minerals.
- Probiotics.
- Medicinal Powders.
- Custom Formulations.