Multicolor Pharmaceutical Scrap Gelatin available on demand. We pride ourselves on manufacturing empty hard-shell gelatin capsules with the highest pharmaceutical gelatin 100% bovine-hide. The recycled scrap gelatin is now available for purchase.

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Our scrap gelatin can be used to manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards.


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Non-toxic recyclable


Pharmaceutical gelatin

100% bovine

Frequent usage

  • Cosmetics – Moisturizing lotions, creams and bath oils.
  • Adhesives – Gelatin-based animal glues commonly used in book binding and packaging.
  • Photography – Holding silver halide crystals in emulsions for photographic films and photographic papers.
  • Seed coating and binding and other agricultural applications.



  • Scrap appears as a particulate material of different colors.
  • Our scrap gelatin is soluble in hot water. The 10% aqueous scrap solution gels at a temperature of approximately 25 ° C.
  • Supplied in woven polypropylene bags of 20 kg net.

Storage Recommendations

  • It should be stored in well-ventilated places, away from humidity and high room temperature.
  • It must be handled with dry and clean utensils, using respiratory protection and preferably gloves.


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