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      Empty Capsules Accesories and Supplies

      Ready to make your own supplements at home or to start your own vitamin business? These accessories will help you fill your capsules in the easiest way. Buy now our DIY capsule filling kit and supplies!

      If you have a capsutray, then is very easy. Separate de body and the cap, put the body of the capsule on the tray, add the ingredients of your choice, place the tray on the pin plate and close your capsules. Boom! you have a supplement!

      Check a video on how to do it here

      The capsule filling machines that are available on the market vary depending on the need of the customer and the industry (Pharma or Nutraceuticals). The capsule filling machines can be classified into manual filling machine, semi-automatic or automatic.

      You can hand fill the capsules or do it with a semi-automatic or automatic machine. If you do it manually, having a capsule holder or Capsutray will be very useful because you will make 25 capsules in less than 5 minutes.

      To fill an empty capsule, you start by separating the cap (smallest part) from the body (longest part). Then, you put the powder or liquid in the body of the capsule. Subsequently, snap the two parts together and press them for 1-2 seconds to ensure the capsule will lock.