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Buy empty gelatin capsules size 3 in small quantities, starting with 100+ capsules. Encapsulate your own powders or herbs at home. These Kosher and Halal-certified empty capsules are manufactured and packaged at cGMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities.

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    Find out more about capsule size 3

    A size 3 pill is a type of cylindrical capsule commonly used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to encapsulate a wide range of substances such as powders, pellets, and liquids.

    The length of a size 3 capsule is 15.7 millimeters. Compared to other capsule sizes, size 3 capsules are smaller in size and can hold less material.

    The capacity of a size 3 capsule can vary depending on the density and texture of the material being encapsulated, but they can typically hold approximately 162 - 324 milligrams of a powdered substance.