Empty Capsules with Natural Colorants by Capsuline
Capsules with natural colorants
Our latest generation of HPMC capsules

Capsules with Natural Colorants

Buy natural colored capsules! Colored with natural pigments, our HPMC capsules with natural colorants offer the same excellent performance as our other vegetarian capsule. Buy now or request a quote.

Natural colorants are colorants made from natural sources such as flowers and algae, rather than from synthetic sources.

- Nutritional value.
- Eco-friendliness.
- Support clean label claims.
- Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Yes! You can choose natural colorants for your capsules with confidence that the performance will be the same.


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Capsules with Natural Colorants: All you need to know

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HPMC Capsules with Natural Colorants

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