Empty Pullulan Capsules by Capsuline
Pullulan Empty Capsules
100% vegetarian, free of all animal products

Empty Pullulan Capsules


Pullulan Empty Vegetarian Capsules

Buy empty pullulan vegetarian caps! Capsuline's pullulan capsules are available in sizes 0 and 00, which tend to be the most popular capsule sizes overall. Buy now or request a quote!

Pullulan capsules are a completely plant-sourced vegetarian product, they are produced from liquid starch by natural fermentation.

Pullulan capsules are Non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified BSE-free, preservative-free and free of all of the most common food allergens. In addition, no toxic chemicals are involved in harvesting pullulan.

Our pullulan capsules are a very “pure” product. The bulk of the capsule – 85 to 90% – is pullulan, derived from corn starch.

You can safely use them with most dry ingredients, including powders, granules, beads, tablets and herbs. Be aware, however, that because of their high-water content, pullulan capsules should not be used with absorbent powders or liquid ingredients.


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