Choosing the Right Vegetarian Capsule

For many consumer’s diet, culture, and personal preference make vegetarian capsules their only encapsulating solution. It is essential that any capsule options they consider take their particular requirements into consideration.

Vegetarian Capsules

Vegetarian capsules should, at a minimum, contain no animal by-products. This allows consumers to be confident that their capsules will not violate any restriction on animal products. However, there are other common dietary and cultural restrictions that often go hand in hand with restrictions on animal product consumption. 

Our vegetarian capsules, in addition to containing no animal by-products, are made from 100% plant-derived HPMC (hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose) and contain no BSE, preservatives, artificial colors, starch, sugar, corn, wheat, or dairy. This allows us to accommodate the largest selection of common dietary and cultural restrictions.
Any consumer with common food sensitivities, cultural restrictions, or strict personal preferences will find vegetarian capsules to be an acceptable solution.

Vegetarian Empty Capsules

Do You Need an Enteric Capsule?

In addition to dietary restrictions, many consumers also need to take into account how their medications and supplements are digested. Meaning that for some consumers it is necessary to seek not only a vegetarian encapsulating solution but also an enteric, or extended-release, capsule.

Enteric capsules are specifically manufactured to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach so that they are digested later in the digestive tract. Medications that might irritate the stomach or medications that need to reach a lower part of the digestive tract can be encapsulated within an enteric capsule. Enteric capsules can also be used to encapsulate medications the might have an offensive taste.

If consumers require an enteric capsule that also takes into consideration their dietary, cultural, and personal preferences their best solution is an enteric vegetarian capsule.

The Importance of Sizing

The next thing that consumers need to consider when choosing a capsule is the size. Choosing the right capsule size requires you to know both the formulation density and the mass (total weight) of the product you want to encapsulate. This guide to finding the right capsule size is an invaluable resource is you are new, or just need a refresher, to the process of capsule sizing.

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Custom Capsules Mean the Perfect Encapsulating Solution

If standard vegetarian capsules don’t meet all of your needs, one option is custom capsules. Custom capsules allow you to specify various aspects of a capsule to meet your specific requirements. This allows for easy branding for sale or distribution. However, it can also be a solution for individual consumers who are having difficulty finding the perfect encapsulating solution for their needs.

When customizing a capsule, you can specify the color, size, flavor, and even imprint logos or text onto the capsule surface.

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