Make your own powder filled capsule supplements

Powder filled capsules are commonly used to prepare supplements because of their reliability, convenience, pricing and overall experience. First off, making your own capsule supplements guarantees ingredients in pure form, they are also quick and easy to swallow, help you avoid intense flavors and odors and ensure proper dosage. If you’re reading this, chances are you either make your own supplements already or you are considering going this route. You may be wondering if it’s worth the hassle and the general upside about making your own supplements. Complicated formulas and high price points are just some of the upsides of making your own supplements. Keep on reading, we’ll get into it here.

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Make your own powder filled capsule supplements

Supplements certainly have become a surefire way to get our “machine” working better. Whether your goal is overall health, muscle-building, or specific ailments, there’s a solution for you. And that’s the point. Each and every one of us is different, we have different wants and needs, and our bodies respond in any number of ways to any particular situation. What works for you doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for your kid or spouse. Making your own capsules means you can customize your intake or serving size to meet your specific body type including appropriate dosage for your weight and height, gender and activity level. Furthermore, it enables you to consider specific needs like allergies and preferences like Veganism.


The marketplace offers all sorts of “magic” solutions, and while you may be tempted to try them, a definite upside of making your own supplements and recipes is pricing. Recognized supplement schedules may go into the hundreds of dollars every month whereas making your own supplements can represent over 80% in cost reduction (keep in mind actual savings will depend on your particular situation). Now, some may argue that we are not talking about the same exact formulation, taste and dosage, however you can make your own supplements to include the same ingredients and absorb the same effects on your body, making price the main difference.   

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What supplements are you taking? Here are some ideas

Like we’ve mentioned, there are many types of goals regarding daily intakes. We’ve grouped them in 3 general categories:

1. Dietary supplements

In this category we include supplements whose main goal is to maintain or improve overall health. Essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are known to enhance health in various ways. From bone health associated to calcium, echinacea for immune health, to antioxidants like Vitamin E helping prevent cell damage, and collagen to enhance skin health, there is no shortage of possibilities.  

Recently, superfoods like turmeric, beetroot and matcha have become a popular form of accessing health benefits. While some may take them as part of a smoothie, capsule-form helps avoid a definite downside of some of these superfoods: taste and smell. This, in addition to getting them in raw form and reaping their best qualities for your body.

2. Sports or Fitness supplements

Whether looking to build muscle or enhancing overall performance, sports supplements are known to give a competitive edge in your fitness journey. By using the appropriate recipes, you can make your own pre workout capsules, muscle builders, fat burners, mass/weight gainers, post workout or recovery supplements, sport performance enhancers, energy and hormone boosters and more. 

Common ingredients for these supplements are actually in powder form and may be familiar. We’re talking about components like whey protein, potassium and magnesium citrate, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) like leucine, isoleucine and valine.

3. Supplements for specific or common ailments

Though it may overlap with dietary supplements mentioned above, in this category we group supplements that are made to aid in preventing or treating specific conditions, ailments or diseases and associated symptoms and side effects. This includes supplements that aid in treating digestive issues, hair and skin complexion (overall appearance, acne, and other conditions), joint pain, inflammation, blood pressure, high cholesterol, stress and more. Popular ingredients in this category are collagen powder, colostrum powder, spirulina, iron and zinc.


Stop the confusion and make your powder filled capsules simple

So, after making the case for making your own supplements and actually suggesting some ideas, another obstacle you may face is the actual process. We are here to make it simple for you. Here is what you need to make it happen:


No matter what type of supplement you set out to make, we recommend using quality components. At Capsuline you can find both gelatin and vegetarian capsules by the bulk that are Kosher, and Halal certified. Our vegetarian capsules are 100% plant derived HPMC non-GMO verified and contain no animal by-products, BSE, preservatives, artificial colors, starch, sugar, corn, wheat or dairy. Meanwhile our Gelatin capsules are BSE-free 100% bovine pharmaceutical capsules that have exclusive farma-lock technology that works well with machinery and manual filling processes. We have a variety colors and sizes ranging from 000 to 4, depending on your needs (we recommend size 0 and size 00 for the purposes mentioned in this article).


To make the manual capsule-filling process much simpler, we have some accessories that may be handy:

  • Counting tray: ideal for organizing, the counting tray helps setup the process so that you can verify dosage, serving sizes and other steps.
  • Spoon and Funnel: Both tools just make capsule-filling easier by making easier to handle the ingredients.

Ready to make your own powder-filled capsule supplements? Share your recipes and experiences with us on social media, you can benefit a whole community! If you need help with sizes, you can check our Capsule Sizing chart.


We recommend talking with your health care provider to consider possible problems and ideal dosage since supplements are known to have side effects and in no way replace medical recommendations.

Make your capsule supplements!