Movember, Time to Move for Men's Health!

Brandi Marcene
“Movember” movement is about raising awareness around men’s physical and mental health issues. This article discusses its objectives, helping you take better care of your health.

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What comes to mind when you think of November? For most people, it is Thanksgiving or a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. However, men around the world have another day to look forward to- International Men’s Day, which falls on the nineteenth of November.

Also known as “Movember” and “No Shave November,” the month is dedicated to bringing attention to men’s health issues. These include physical health issues like testicular cancer and prostate cancer and mental health problems like depression. As such, the holiday is part of a bigger purpose and global effort to educate men and encourage them to seek help for their physical and mental health problems.

You may have seen many men growing out their facial hair during the month. The “No Shave November” movement focuses on celebrating men, filling them with confidence to embrace their identity. Essentially, “Movember” is a combination of two words, “mo,” which means mustache and November.

Prostate Cancer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 13 out of 100 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Reduce your risk!

Some risk factors for prostate cancer include age, family history, and medical background. Additionally, research suggests that obese and overweight men tend to experience more fatal symptoms. Therefore, taking balanced meals and increasing physical activity are essential to reducing your risk of developing prostate cancer. A healthy physique can also prevent cancer from becoming fatal.

While prostate cancer is among the deadliest cancers, early detection can significantly help. Getting yourself checked this November is crucial ideal to ensure health and safety.

Bonus Health Tip: Take Vitamin D!

Besides ensuring a well-balanced diet, increasing your vitamin D intake can significantly reduce your risk of developing certain diseases. Low levels of Vitamin D can aggravate prostate cancer, whereas increasing it can help slow down the growth of abnormal cells. You can use empty capsules by Capsuline to make your own Vitamin D capsules!

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Testicular Cancer

Medical evidence suggests that treatment is possible for testicular cancer. However, you need a diagnosis for that.

Testicular cancer makes up one percent of tumors in males. Yet, it is the number one form of cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 39. According to the American Cancer Society, the past few decades have seen a significant rise in number of cases related to testicular cancer.

While the cause of testicular cancer is still unknown, it is a curable disease if diagnosed in the early stages. One of the major problems here is that the majority of men do not know how to check themselves for testicular cancer.

This Movember and every month after that, you should conduct a self-examination by feeling your testicles to learn what is normal. In case something does not feel normal in the future, get yourself checked by a medical professional. Common signs include lumps or pain in the testicles.

You can reduce your risk of developing testicular cancer by getting adequate nutrition and plenty of physical activity. In addition, you can prepare your own supplements using empty gelatin capsules by Capsuline for enhanced well-being.

Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reveals suicide is 3.7 times more common in men. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek help and offer support to fellow men!

Many men struggle with mental health issues they do not talk about. The No Shave November Movement aims to reduce the male suicide rate by 25% in the next eight years. Therefore, this month is about prevention and early intervention.

This month, you should take the necessary measures to improve your mental health and support other men in your circle. Here are simple ways you can join the fight.

Seek: Do not be afraid to seek help and ask for support if you do not feel your best mentally or emotionally. Most importantly, avoid pretending like you are fine when it is not true. Are you struggling? Talk to your friends about how you feel or see a mental health professional.

Listen: Be open to listening to men who trust and confide in you. Remember that you do not need to advise or actively help solve their issues. Most of the time, active listening without judgment and paying your full attention is enough.

Change Your Lifestyle: A balanced diet, active daily routine and sufficient sleep can do wonders for your mental health. While they may not cure your mental health issues, these factors can help reduce the symptoms.

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Bottom Line

Movember or No Shave November focuses on speaking about the physical and mental health issues among men. The movement is truly changing the subject of men’s health across the globe, raising awareness and encouraging acceptance.

It is a charity health event that encourages men to take better care of their health and seek professional and medical help for their issues. Typically, the movement aims to encourage men to take better care of their health by improving diet intake, living an active lifestyle, and seeking mental health.

Not forgetting, taking vitamins can reduce the risk of developing many diseases.

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