Natural supplements for pets

Call it humanization or not, pets are important members of our households. As pet owners we want our pets to live longer and healthier lives, which is why dietary supplements have been gaining popularity in recent years. But, what supplements should you be considering? What effect should you expect on your pet’s health? Read on for a few tips on natural pet supplements and pair them with your pet's favorite PetCaps flavor. 

Pet capsules

CBD for pets

CBD has wonderful benefits for pets. From expected effects on mood and calming behavior that reduces pet anxiety caused by your absence, strong noises, among others; to aiding in the treatment of chronic conditions such as pain related to arthritis, reducing inflammation, treating seizures, cancer and digestive issues. CBD is a great supplement to try, especially if your dog suffers from any of these conditions.

Probiotics for pets

Digestive issues are fairly common in pets, which is why keeping your pet’s microbiome healthy is an essential part of taking care of them. A balanced digestive system leads to overall health improvement, proper nutrient absorption, boosts their immune system and impacts your everyday life as it reduces gas, improves their breath and makes for less smellier stools. Furthermore, it also benefits their skin and coat.


Fish oil for pets

Much like for us, fish oil has many potential benefits for our pets. These include:

  • Skin and fur health: Fish oil has been found to help with shedding, allergies and dry skin, which in turn benefits a shinier, softer coat.
  • Heart, brain and overall health: The omega-3 fatty acids are helpful with memory in pets and contribute to overall health, stronger immune system and improved vision.
  • Fish oils are also used to ease joint pain, reduce inflammation and help with allergies and arthritis.

Glucosamine for pets

Used primarily to aid in joint pain and increase your pet’s flexibility and mobility, glucosamine is also a common ingredient for pet supplements. With proper dosage and consistency in treatment, glucosamine has been found to help lubricate the pet’s joints, repair damaged tissues and strengthen cartilage. Limited mobility is a common issue as pets age, with glucosamine supplements you can contribute to maintaining their range of motion and with it, their level of activity.

The takeaway

Overall, dietary supplements are a great way to contribute to your pet’s health. Whether you’re looking to provide a little health boost or are thinking of using supplements to help with chronic and underlying conditions, we strongly encourage consulting with your Vet to provide special insight regarding genetics, breeds and even species, as well as other particular conditions your pet may face. Just like you, your pet deserves personalized care, which is why homemade and natural supplements for your pets are a great way to take care of them. From choosing proper ingredients, dosage and even preferred flavors, we encourage to DIY with Capsuline’s own flavored capsules available in chicken, bacon and beef flavors. Our empty capsules make it easier to medicate your pet on a regular basis and eliminate the hassle and unpleasantness.

What other ingredients are you working with? What are your Vet’s recommendations? Let us know!

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