Prevention is better than cure: A letter from a Capsuline employee

Prevention is better than cure: A letter from a Capsuline employee

I feel like my life and the current situation unfolding with the coronavirus epidemic is a movie that I am watching which has no end in sight. I recently received a beautiful inspirational quote that reads “The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow.”

I must admit, I too at the beginning of these unfolding events became anxious and concerned for myself, my family friends and the larger community. My nature has always been to look at the problem at hand and address immediate concerns. My husband has a motto; Prevention is better than cure. With that motto in mind, I organized myself in a way that would allow me to feel less anxious and more in control of my situation.

The first thing I did was to make sure my family had all the immune system supplement boosters and OTC medicine they needed if they experienced mild symptoms of the coronavirus. I made sure to stock up on water and necessary household items for disinfection. I ensured that my family practiced safety recommendations issued by the CDC by educating them on proper hygiene, hand-washing, and the avoidance of touching your face.

Next on my to-do list was to look at my inventory of food items, make a note of the items which were needed and visit the grocery store. At the grocery store, I kept the recommended 6ft distance from other patrons and took care to clean the handle of the shopping cart. Afterward, I used a hand sanitizer in the car and wiped down the steering wheel and phone with antibacterial wipes. All of this is very exhausting, having to remember to be cautious and moving around with a new awareness and sometimes it feels like a job.

In addition, I deal with hormonal imbalances and melasma; I'm constantly attempting to find novel solutions for remedying both predicaments. So, if there is a woman out there like me, you are not alone. Finding vitamins and supplements that help me to regulate my hormones and stay as healthy as possible has been a method through which I manage my health concerns.

Here is what I take and do daily that may help you too:

  • Organic Liquid Flaxseed; supports the immune system and promotes healthy hair and skin
  • Magnesium Glycinate; for heart, nerves and bone health but I use magnesium glycinate for the cramps in my legs
  • Vitamin C; brightens the skin topically and when consumed boosts my immune system
  • Vitamin D3; essential for bone health, immune support and muscle function
  • Zinc; powerful antioxidant, skin and immune support
  • Detox tea; for liver and kidney cleanse
  • Rooibos tea a powerful antioxidant.

My favorites also include nettle, turmeric, and ginger tea, I use them to calm inflammation and help with menstruation.

I use to buy flaxseed liquid and ingest them by the spoonful but I disliked the taste so I switched to flaxseed liquid capsules. I sometimes make them myself by buying the vegetarian capsules from Capsuline then filling them with the Liquid Flaxseed. Other concoctions can be made by using different powders or liquids. I’ve asked my doctor about my usage of these items and so should you!

I am fortunate to work with a very understanding boss who keeps the whole team motivated during this incredibly stressful time. It’s very reassuring and lifts a burden off my shoulder not worrying whether I’ll be laid-off. Even with a low-stress work situation, it's not easy to deal with the many stressors present whilst working from home. Maintaining a work-life balance is even more crucial and precarious task when stationed at home. Walking in the morning and at night while my daughter is riding her bike is a way for us to connect with nature and put things into perspective while practicing social distancing.

Live in hope of that beautiful rainbow; do what brings your joy and don't sweat the small stuff.

- Ursula Kennedy 

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