The Importance of Recovery

Giving your body time to recover is one of the most important parts of exercising. Allowing your body time to rest and heal is crucial because it helps decrease the risk of injury and gives your body time to properly restore itself after training. There are several techniques and supplements you can use to help your body properly recover. But first, let’s understand the recovery stage.

The Recovery Stage

According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, the recovery period after exercise is considered the time from the end of your workout until your subsequent return to a recovered state. When you exercise, whether it be jogging, weightlifting, swimming, etc, your body is exposed to various types of stresses. After your workout, your body needs time to adjust and adapt to the stresses it just experienced. In addition, the recovery period also allows time for your mind to rest. Neglecting the recovery period can have serious effects on your body and may lead to injury. Be sure to fit in some rest days into your workout program to keep your body and mind at their strongest!


Top 3 Recovery Techniques

There are several techniques gym fanatics like to use when they are recovering from a workout. We’ve found three useful techniques to help you when you are giving your body time to heal.


Eating and Hydrating

As most people know, being properly nourished and hydrated with a diet right for you is vital to both training and proper recovery. Eating the right food and having a sufficient amount of water helps restore your body’s energy supply. While in your recovery period, try to eat whole foods at the right eating times and make sure to drink plenty of water!


Strength and Recovery Supplement

Have you ever felt like you’re doing all the right exercises but not seeing results? We’ve all been there and understand how frustrating it can be. Sometimes our body isn’t receiving the proper nourishment to build muscle. In times like these, a little helpful nudge goes a long way. Our Strength and Recovery supplement contains active ingredients to help you reach your fitness goals faster. The body converts the base ingredient, L-arginine, into nitric oxide, which may boost muscle growth and blood flow. Our Strength and Recovery supplement also supports muscle recovery, wound recovery, and boosts immune function. This is due to the active ingredients of L-lysine, which is essential for collagen formation as well as ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG), L-glutamine, and bovine colostrum. What’s more, our supplement promotes endurance by supporting the bodies blood circulation. Power through those tough workouts and recover faster and better with our Strength and Recovery all-natural supplement!


Ice Bath

Taking an ice bath is very popular among professional athletes. The reason for this is because an ice bath allows the blood vessels of the body to contract, pushing the blood further away from the muscle due to the cold temperature. The magic happens once you finish your ice bath, and the temperature of your body begins to warm up. The vessels in your body start to open up and blood begins to flow back into the muscle, delivering with it more oxygen to help you recover. Ice baths have also been shown to help reduce inflammation and flush away metabolic waste after a workout. When taking an ice bath, it’s recommended not to exceed 15 minutes. It’s best to listen to your body and slowly work your way up to the allotted time without pushing your limits.


No matter your workout routine, it’s extremely important to take time to recover. Giving your body time to heal will significantly benefit your performance in the long run. Your body needs time to rest, and your muscles and mind will surely thank you. Find the techniques and supplements that work best for you and don’t be afraid to try something new!


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