Capsuline PetCaps Bacon Flavored Gelatin Capsules Size 0 (Box of 100,000) - Bacon
Capsuline PetCaps Bacon Flavored Gelatin Capsules Size 0 (Box of 100,000) - Bacon
Capsuline PetCaps Bacon Flavored Gelatin Capsules Size 0 (Box of 100,000) - Bacon

Bacon Flavored Gelatin Capsules for Pets Size 0 (Box of 100,000)

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Wish you could address the challenge of getting dogs and cats to take their medicine? You can, by using flavored petcaps to turn medicines and supplements into something that pets think are “treats.” Our flavored capsules for pets in bulk…

ֽ• Increase compliance – With our petcaps, the scent and flavoring are added to the gelatin before the capsules are formed—it’s not just a coating. Because the capsules both smell and taste like chicken, beef, or bacon, pets happily ingest their pills, thinking they’re eating a delicious treat. Our petcaps have even passed a third-party palatability test, which showed very high acceptance levels amongst both cats and dogs.

ֽ• Differentiate your product – Consumers will be excited to learn that your product comes in one of their pet’s favorite flavors, thereby eliminating the struggle normally associated with giving pills to their pets.

Although the flavor itself is a very strong product differentiator, our empty capsules for pets can be further differentiated through custom printed on the capsule’s body and/or cap, either radially or axially.

ֽ• Have pure, high-quality ingredients – Our Kosher and Halal-certified empty capsules for pets are manufactured and packaged at state-of-the-art cGMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities that meet all health compliance requirements for human consumption. Made from pharmaceutical-grade 100% bovine hide gelatin and completely free of pork, additives, preservatives, contaminants, gluten, and all common allergens. Plus, we never use gelatin originating from genetically modified livestock.

ֽ• Provide normal functionality – Our pet capsules give you the same excellent functionality and performance as our non-flavored gelatin capsules. The capsules’ strength, stability, shelf life, ability to withstand variations in temperature and humidity and dissolution profile are not affected by the addition of the flavoring.

Excellent machinability – These empty capsules for pets are designed to run well on your filling machines, even in high fill quantity situations. Their strength, optimal capsule-to-tooling fit and consistent quality and dimensions helps minimize loss and maximize the profitability of each production run.

Our gelatin capsules are made from 100% bovine hide and purified water. Contains synthetical Beef or chicken flavor.

◉ Store the empty capsules in a cool dry place to keep them from getting cracked, deformed, or swell if exposed to humidity.

◉ The optimal temperature for empty capsules is 59°-77°Fahrenheit / 15°-25°Celsius with a relative humidity between 35-65%.

◉ If properly stored, these capsules can last up to 5 years!

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Pet Capsules

Capsuline pet capsules are made from high quality gelatin, 100% bovine hide, free of GMO’s and synthetic excipients, Kosher and Halal certified.

Capsule manufacturer

Excellent machinability

Flawless performance with high-speed filling machines: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

Gelatin capsules by Capsuline


Gelatin capsules contain 13%-16% moisture content and disintegrate within 15 minutes.

Empty capsules for pets

Increase compliance

Pets happily ingest their pills because our capsules both smell and taste like chicken, beef or bacon.

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Pet Capsules

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If you need capsule samples or assistance troubleshooting any issues with your equipment to produce runs on filling machines more effiently, feel free to contact one of our account managers.

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I use these capsules for last ten years and never face any problem. Best quality capsules I recommend to all my friends and family.These are easy to fill up herbal powder and easy to take my mouth one by one.

Bakula S.
Los Angeles, CA

Good quality, they last for a long time and not shrink or bend with time, moisture or heat. 5K packages are priced the best

Deepak C.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you need the best and are not satisfied with the rest, capsuline passes my test. I make so many of my own supplements and I realize the importance of using vegetable capsules. Never let me down. My go-to cap supplier. Thanks guys.

Anthony T.
Brooklyn, NY