Choosing the Right Gelatin Capsule

Gelatin capsules are a trusted medical delivery system that most people are familiar with. They can be used to encapsulate liquids, powders, granules, oils, extracts, and herbs in precise dosages. The versatility and familiarity of gelatin capsules make them a popular option for individuals who are interested in encapsulating their own supplements and medications.

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When looking for the right gelatin capsules for your needs, however, there are a lot of options to consider. Should you go for colored capsules or clear? Flavored? What size? Perhaps, the empty capsule guide is a helpful tool for you. 

So, how do you choose the right gelatin capsules? One place to begin your decision-making process is to consider who will be taking the capsules. Sometimes the recipient will help you narrow down your gelatin capsule decision.


For many children, the taste of medications is off putting and that means it is harder for parents to get their children to take their medication. In fact, according to a review published by Clinical Therapeutics, many kids may be rejecting medicine because they have an aversion to its taste, which may be too bitter or acidic for youngsters. Getting children to accept their medication then often comes down to improving the taste. One of the easiest ways to do this is with flavored Empty Gelatin Capsules.

Our flavored gelatin capsules come in 8 flavor options and can be used to encapsulate liquid and powder medications. Not all pill based medication can be crushed into a powder for encapsulation. It is best to check with your medical provider before crushing and encapsulating medication.


Getting pets to take medication can be a struggle. Options like disguising the medication or force feeding can have limited success and be traumatic (for both pet and owner). A better solution is a medication that the animal wants to consume. Flavored gelatin capsules make this simple.

Flavored gelatin capsules for pets come in flavors that pets love (chicken, bacon, and beef) and make the medication process much simpler. Simply chose the flavor your pet will enjoy, chose the size, and encapsulate your pets powder, liquid, extract, or oil based medication.


Clear vs Colored

If you aren’t looking to encapsulate medications and supplements for a child or pet, then often one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is clear vs colored gelatin capsules. Sometimes, however, this decision comes down to personal preference.

One of the main reasons to choose a colored gelatin capsule is for branding purposes. For applications where the encapsulated product will be sold or distributed, colored capsules make branding your product easy. Simply chose the color that most closely matches your brand’s color scheme.

Another reason to consider colored gelatin capsules though is if you need to encapsulate more than one substance. For individuals who need to encapsulate many different medications, color coding can be useful. Picking a color for each medication can help you quickly and easily visually identify medications.

If all things are equal and there is no need to choose a colored or clear capsule, then your personal preference can dictate which is right for you.

What Size is Right?

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of gelatin capsule that best meets your needs, the next step is determining the correct size to use. This step in the process can be a bit tricky, but we’ve created all the resources you need to make the sizing process as painless as possible.

Will walk you through everything you need to know to find the right size capsule for your needs, how to do all of the measurements, and how to use our capsule sizing chart.

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