Health and life advice beyond training

Whether you consider yourself to be physically fit or a constant work in progress, you may be experiencing a common feeling: struggle. Health and life advice beyond training means that we know that having a toned body does not mean having a toned mind. For this reason, on this post we go beyond encouraging any particular physical activity and try to think about other aspects that encompass a healthy lifestyle. 

Health and life advice beyond training

Training and Nutrition

To reach peak performance on a physical level, we must go beyond just training. What we put into our bodies affects not only how we look but also how we feel and what we can do. Rather than talking particular food choices and diets like gluten-free, keto, vegan or paleo, it really goes back to nutrients. Everybody has different needs and goals, which is why it is important to consider this when setting expectations regarding physical performance and even the way you look. 

Taking supplements is great way to meet your body’s needs. Taking homemade supplements takes it one step further, making it even more flexible and suited towards your goals. Whether that’s losing the last 5 pounds, trying to reduce pain or looking to get smoother skin, read up on all the natural ingredients that can help you get there and feel good while you’re at it. 

Training and the mind

Taking it one step ahead on the physical aspect, we go to the mental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Though on surface training is a way of enhancing our physical body, below there is much more. Discipline, consistency and focus lie beneath the surface, and that’s what training delivers. While some sports or activities like yoga may be regarded as pathways to mental health, in general training is the first step to a healthier lifestyle that includes training your mind. 

A famous Zen proverb says: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” Some people choose to stay present through guided meditations, others use music or prayer, while others double down while performing activities like swimming. We are not here to praise one method over the other but rather encourage you to find what works for you.

Big changes vs. small changes

As modern humans we live fast-paced lives, and it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind. While we may be inclined to think that some aspect of our life requires a complete overhaul, most times it’s about the little changes that can build up towards a better life. We are the product of what we do every day, not the cheat meal we have once a week. 

A healthy lifestyle sometimes means taking a step back and taking a closer look where you may be lacking balance. Question yourself and get in touch with your inner knowing so that you can address the issues that are affecting you. Sometimes it’s easy to detect, like an injury that sidelines you or constantly feeling overworked and stressed, but most times things are more complex and require a closer look. Don’t be afraid to ask the question and go beyond training to get a better life!

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