How to feel better with a few simple habits

Feeling stressed and unhappy seems to be part of the modern lifestyle, yet this doesn’t have to be the case. To overcome these feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and depression, we sometimes think we have to find the holy grail, however, we are here to debunk some of these myths. Sometimes, feeling better requires just a few simple habits. Don’t believe us? Science backs us up!

How to feel better with a few simple habits

On the following article we'll go over 3 simple practices to add to your life in order to feel better. You can thank us later!

Simple Habit #1: Gratitude

Counting your blessings every day is a great way to feel happy. According to this study, having a conscious focus on gratitude proved to have emotional and interpersonal benefits in just a few days. Establishing a simple habit like a gratitude journal or even just a gratitude practice to be thankful for 3 things at the end or beginning of your day, is beneficial for your overall emotional state. 

Simple Habit #2: Social Connection

While we may feel isolated by our feelings of anxiety, seeking social connection, whether with close friends or family members or even with random people we encounter, has actually been proven to have a positive effect on our emotional well-being. Most of us use our earphones to carry on with our isolation bubble, however, studies have found that to feel better, doing the opposite and actually seeking social connections even if basic, have an immediate effect on how we feel. So just try it! Talk to a stranger on your commute, chat up the cashier or check in with your coworker, it will change your mood.

Simple Habit #3: Mindfulness

It may seem like a quick fix or maybe even too good to be true, but the practice of mindfulness and meditation is actually one of the simplest and most powerful ways to cope with the stress of everyday life, deal with depression and debilitating anxiety. Research has found that mindfulness has a lasting positive effect on our brains, helping to prevent and treat depression, negative thoughts and feelings. Practicing mindfulness is not as hard as it seems, it means living in the present moment. This may imply different activities for each person, from yoga, to breathing meditations, getting in touch with nature or body awareness exercises, find what brings you to the present moment. Doing this very little thing just once a day and increasingly when needed, rewires our brain and makes us feel better, just like that.

Feeling better doesn’t have to mean spending money, reading a book or finding a magical solution. Feeling better is about the little things we do each day in order to enjoy the journey, you can even include a natural source of herbs or powders that work wonderfully with our Gelatin Capsules to improve your emotional stability. Hope this article, however brief and simple can help you to start feeling better, today!

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