Seven natural ways to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic and irreversible disease of metabolism in which there is an excess of glucose or sugar in the blood and urine; it is due to a decrease in the secretion of the hormone insulin or a deficiency of its action. This disease is increasingly common in the adult population and now with the high rates of childhood obesity it is also common to find young people and children suffering from it. The good news is that with simple changes in lifestyle habits it is possible to prevent pre-diabetes and some types of diabetes. These simple lifestyle changes can also help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Seven natural ways to prevent diabetes

Here are a few simple steps that will help you reduce your risk of diabetes:

 1. Stay active

Inactivity is a risk factor for diabetes, so it is important that you put your muscles to work more often and harder as this improves the ability of your muscles to use insulin and absorb glucose which allows the cells in charge of producing insulin to work with less stress. We suggest you change a little bit of rest time for activity time. However, do not worry, you don't need to do a high-endurance exercise to accomplish this step. It is enough to walk 30 minutes a day to activate the functionalities that your body needs to reduce the risk of suffering from diabetes.

 2. Keep your weight under control

Excess weight is one of the most important causes of disease risk, including diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing diabetes and makes you more prone to risk compared to a person who has a healthy weight. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a more viable option to reduce the risk of developing diabetes later in life. Some supplements can help you control your anxiety. See your doctor for the best options. 

 3. Reduce the time you spend watching tv

Watching television is a sedentary behavior linked to the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even death. But why? Simply because the more time we spend in front of the TV, the more inactive we are and the more likely we are to become overweight or obese. Sedentism and bad eating habits always increase the risk of suffering from all kinds of diseases. Rather than staying hours in front of the TV, go out for a nice walk around your neighborhood. Practice grounding by connecting with nature and those around you. This will make you more active and aware of life. 

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 4. Moderate your alcohol consumption

If you are used to drinking alcohol, the suggestion is to maintain a moderate consumption because excess alcohol can cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas which can impair its ability to secrete insulin and the lead to diabetes.

 5. Do not smoke

Add diabetes to the long list of health problems related to smoking. Smokers not only have a higher risk of suffering from a number of diseases but are also prone to diabetes because smoking can contribute to insulin resistance.

6. Cut sugar from your diet

Having eating habits that include foods high in sugar, increases blood sugar and insulin levels, which can potentially lead to diabetes over time. Try substituting juices with water, or having a fruit as desert to decrease your sugar intake. Small steps can lead to big results! 

 7. Eat enough fiber

Eating plenty of fiber could be beneficial for weight management and thereby, including a good fiber source at each meal plays an important role in maintaining glycemic control, which may help reducing your risk of developing diabetes.  

Grains protect against diabetes

Additional tips to lower the risk of diabetes

Don’t forget to keep healthy eating habits. We recommend avoiding ultra-processed carbohydrates and instead choose to consume whole grains as there is evidence that they protect against diabetes. Additionally, avoid artificial sweeteners and sugary drinks. You can replace them with natural water, coffee, or tea. Finally, consume healthy fats that you can find in certain fish, nuts, vegetable oils, avocado and some seeds.