Increase Your Supplement’s Desirability with TiO2 Free Capsules

Thanks to the pandemic, many consumers now have an increased focus on the quality of life. As Natural Grocers® explained in one of its recent “Top Trends” reports, there’s a “growing realization that healthspan is as important as lifespan.” People are now focusing “not only on how long we can live but also on how healthy we can live those years.”

For many, a big part of focusing on “how healthy we can live those years” involves taking vitamins and supplements that support good health. 

Supplements with TiO2 Free Empty Capsules

Your products need to hold up to “clean label” scrutiny

That said, today’s consumers want to ensure that the supplements they take are as natural and healthy as possible. They want products with “clean labels,” meaning products that are made from natural, easy-to-understand, sustainable, and eco-friendly ingredients.  

Research shows that 76% of global nutritional supplement users want products that are free from artificial ingredients. In the U.S., 30% are looking for clean-label benefits when they purchase dietary supplements. For many, this means supplements from natural sources that are free from allergens, preservatives, and artificial colors.

TiO2-free empty capsules can expand your market 

Thanks to the clean label movement, there is now a long list of things that nutritional supplement users do not want to consume, including titanium dioxide (TiO2), an inorganic compound commonly used as a white pigment and opacifier. 

In 2022 the European Union banned the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive in food and food supplements. This ban greatly raised awareness of the ubiquity of TiO2 in many products, including empty pill capsules. 

While the question of whether titanium dioxide is safe for human consumption is now a matter of controversy, many consumers simply do not want to take a chance. Switching to TiO2-free empty capsules can therefore be a great way to create a more marketable product. 

If you sell your supplements in the EU or hope to do so in the future, using TiO2-free empty pill capsules is not a choice; it is a requirement. But even if you do not sell in the EU, being able to put a “Titanium Dioxide Free” burst on your product’s package and add “titanium dioxide free” to your “free of” list can increase your sales by broadening its appeal.

These empty pill capsules go beyond being “just” TiO2 free 

If you want to take things a step further in your clean label claims, consider using vegetarian HPMC capsules made with natural colorants. All of the empty pill capsules in this product line are TiO2-free. They are also free of animal products, BSE, artificial colorants, GMOs, heavy metals, calcium carbonate, starches, and common allergens, as well as being vegan registered with the Vegan Society and Kosher and Halal certified.

Whether you choose vegetarian capsules made with natural colorants, vegetarian capsules made with synthetic colorants, or the TiO2-free empty capsules options in the gelatin-based line of empty pill capsules, you can rest assured that your capsules will have the same dissolution profile, stability, strength, and shelf life as other vegetarian or gelatin capsules.  

Plus, these TiO2-free empty capsules provide exceptional performance on high-speed capsule-filling machines, thereby minimizing waste and increasing profitability. Your production department will appreciate its strong domes, outstanding separation and closing properties, and excellent capsule-to-tooling fit.    

TiO2-free empty capsules also support your branding efforts 

Titanium dioxide-free vegetarian capsules made with natural colorants are in stock in 5 different translucent colors and can be custom-made using a range of natural colorants (including purple, yellow, black, and more). 

The synthetically-colored versions of gelatin and vegetarian TiO2-free empty capsules are available in a much broader range of colors, including Pantone (i.e. PMS) and custom colors. All of these empty pill capsules can be imprinted on the cap, body, or both – including accurate printing of fine and intricate details – using all-natural food-grade inks.  

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