The benefits of doing yoga

By now, you’re probably familiar with yoga and know about it from a general standpoint. In this post, however, we want to go into the specifics. Practicing yoga provides multiple benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is a complete discipline whose core is the human being as an integral entity. With regular practice, we will begin to be more aware not only of the body and its anatomy but of the mind and our thought patterns. What can you expect of a habitual yoga practice? Why is it beneficial for you? Read to find out why Capsuline believes yoga is so much more than just about better posture.

The benefits of doing yoga

Physical Benefits of doing Yoga

Practicing yoga regularly will transform your body on a physical level. While some effects are immediate, like relieving stress levels and enhancing your flexibility; others may take longer to manifest, and it is through its constant practice that they may be experienced. These physical benefits include chronic pain and anxiety relief, improved stamina, lung capacity (as you dominate breathing techniques) and sleeping, increased blood flow, muscle strength and even lower levels of blood pressure and sugar. Furthermore, after years of practicing yoga, there is a lower risk of heart disease and tendency towards healthier weight and stronger bones. 

The benefits of yoga beyond the mat

Because the discipline of yoga has the human being as an integral entity at its core, its benefits go beyond just better-looking arms. A regular yoga practice can improve our mood in the long term and help you work on not only on your muscle strength, but on your inner strength. It is scientifically proven that practicing yoga regularly is an excellent way to relieve stress and tension that we accumulate and that take their toll on both physical and mental levels. 

Yoga helps us regulate our energy levels, improve our focus, boost our confidence and self-esteem. In general, the little “wins” that are part of a continued yoga practice (like holding a certain pose or reaching a new milestone), help us be more mindful and in touch with ourselves, this means a better body image and ultimately self-regulation.

The takeaway on yoga

We have often heard that the regular practice of yoga can change your life, we are here to say: it is true! As we work on postures, hold our breath and increase our range of motion, inch by inch yoga helps us reach a deep state of well-being and begin to notice the benefits that will stimulate us to continue moving forward. Whether you practice Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha or even power or hot yoga (phew!), there are practices are suitable for all fitness levels, body types and ages. 

Do you practice yoga? Thinking of starting? Don’t put it off any longer and set your path to get all the benefits of yoga.

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