Supplements That Will Get Rid of Water Retention

Water retention is called water weight, and it is more common than you might imagine but not exactly a cause for alarm for most people. However, it makes people who experience it feel very uncomfortable and can lead to undesired bloating and puffiness in the body. 

Supplements That Will Get Rid of Water Retention

Before proceeding, here is how to get the gelatin capsules supplements  that would help and a few things to know about water retention. 

Water makes up 50-60 percent of the total weight of a healthy adult. The extra water held by the body due to water retention is what is typically known as “water weight.” When water builds up in the body over time, it can cause puffiness of the legs, arms, and abdomen. The water level of an adult can make the person’s weight vary up to 2-4 pounds in a single day. 

Severe water retention can be a symptom of a more severe condition internally, such as heart or kidney disease. However, it often goes away on its own as it is mostly temporary. There are many ways in which water retained can be reduced in the body. In this section of the guide, the focus is on supplements that can help with this.

Empty Gelatin Capsules


Generally, electrolytes are known to be great for regulating water balance in the body. Examples include potassium and magnesium electrolytes. The level of electrolytes in the body can shift the fluid balance in the body, with devastating outcomes in severe cases. 

It is crucial to substitute your electrolyte intake with your water intake. The more water you drink, the more electrolytes you need for balance in the body. For someone that exercises daily or lives in an environment with humid weather conditions, add additional electrolytes to your body intake. It will help to replace the water with sweat. 

Another thing to note is that when taking electrolytes as supplements or salty foods, ensure that the water intake is not low. A low water intake will have an adverse effect – that is, leading to further water retention. An important electrolyte is magnesium, the mineral that helps reduce the amount of water retention in the body. It improves sports performance as well as other areas of health. 


Studies have shown that magnesium in women can help reduce water retention as well as premenstrual symptoms. In addition, due to the integrative properties of magnesium, it works with other electrolytes to control the fluid and water balance of the body. 

Magnesium also possesses other health benefits that people tend to lack in their diet. 


Also, potassium like magnesium is a mineral that the body needs to work. It helps your nerve function and muscles to contract. It improves the heartbeat and makes it regular. A rich potassium diet helps reduce the harmful effects of sodium and is beneficial for strength and recovery.


Lastly, caffeine supplements and beverages like coffee and tea containing caffeine are known to have diuretic effects, which help reduce water retention in the body.   

These supplements have proven to increase short-term urine output and slightly reduce the rate of water retention in the body.  

Other herbs known to help with water reduction are Parsley, Fennel, Nettle, Garlic, Hibiscus, Horsetail, Corn Silk, etc. 

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