Why producing your own capsule supplements is a good idea

Have you ever asked yourself what is inside of capsule supplements you take and therefore you are considering your own production of capsules? Still, you are not convinced yet because you also think it is easier to go to a drug store and buy all the supplements you need? 

We all have asked ourselves the same questions and we all go through the struggle of lacking of time but it is not as complicated as it seems. If you are considering this route, keep on reading, we’ll go through some advantages of getting into the world of the production of your own capsules.

Encapsulating at home

Here are some reasons we found out through experience:

You will save money and time

Truth is that making your owns capsules is easier than you think, either if you are thinking only in personal use or if you are a small or even a large scale manufacturing company, you will need no expensive equipment. All you need is empty capsules and the herbs, vitamins or raw ingredients that you wish to add to your capsules.

The monthly investment in supplements represents a few hundred dollars per person, especially if you are taking multiple supplements. You can easily spend more than $20 on one small bottle. 

Producing your own capsules can then represent a 70 percent reduction in what you invest annually in supplements. Worth to try it don’t you think? Once you get into the habit, it will take just a few minutes to fill the capsules you need.

See the video for a practical example:

You will reduce excess packaging waste

We all know that today the consumption of vitamins and supplements has risen because they are increasingly essential in our lives for the proper functioning of our body. However, the increase in demand for this product increases the production of plastic containers in which they are packaged and which we buy every month. By producing your own capsules, you reduce the consumption of that container and therefore its disposal and plastic waste. Nothing better than taking care of your body while positively impacting the environment with your small actions!

You will control exactly what is inside of your capsules

First off, making your own capsules guarantees ingredients in pure form. Taking ingredients in their own natural state is much more effective and an efficient way to get all the benefits of the formula considering your own needs. No need to wonder if the pre-filled capsules you are buying are filled with the herb of your preference and only that herb, not other things you do not know about.

Also, are you vegan? Are you sure you are safe taking the capsules you buy? Creating your owns capsules allows you to make sure you are swallowing something that is made from 100% plant-derived and contains no animal by-product. Peace of mind is knowing exactly what your capsules are made of and what you are putting inside them.

Herbs and powders for empty capsules

You can customize your intake or serving size

Each and every one of us is different, we all have different goals and needs. Some of us are looking for improving our health, some other want to build more muscle or even look for the solution for different ailments. Filling your own capsules could be beneficial because you can make your own formulations with any herb or raw ingredient you want from the comfort of your home.

Let’s say you are a person who suffer from kidney stones and therefore you may reduce the intake of vitamin C, instead of taking any multi-vitamin you find in a health store that might contain that ingredient you do not need, you can create your own, making sure you are taking exactly what you want. With empty capsules you can create formulations to treat any number of conditions and you can mix ingredients to ensure that you obtain the exact benefits you are seeking. 

Making your own capsules means then that you can create a specific solution for you to meet your specific needs and taking in consideration your specific body type and lifestyle. You can customize dosage taking in account your weight, height, activity level and even allergies and preferences.

Also, you can choose between ten different capsule sizes in order to suit your need based on the ingredient type you want to take and quantity. Check out our capsules size chart to understand better how to choose the right capsule for you. 

You will avoid any bad or after taste of the herbs or medications

Producing your own capsules enable you to take the herbs and other ingredients without experiencing an unpleasant taste. Even if there are some herbal supplements that could have a good taste, there are some other that could be more bitter tasting. With your empty gelatin or vegetarian capsules, you can get all the benefits of the different ingredients without experiencing any bad taste.

Do you have some nasty medications that you cannot stand? Put them in a capsule! You don’t want boring clear empty capsules? Don’t worry, you can choose between different colors and flavors. 

Those are only a few reasons why you should consider producing your own capsules but there’s many more. Capsuline can help you in your journey.

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