Benefits of Using Compounded Capsules

When it comes to administering important medications, capsules offer several benefits for both consumers and pharmacies. Some of these advantages are easy to think of, but others may surprise you. Below are the major reasons why capsules are an efficient and practical way to deliver medicine.

Capsules Allow Drugs to Be Formulated to Meet Your Individual Needs

Some patients may require very specific dosages of one or more medications that they may not be able to acquire through commercially available products. For example, FDA-approved medication may only be sold in specific dosages that might be too high or low for a certain individual. 

Additionally, a compounding pharmacy may be able to customize a prescription by excluding ingredients that the patient is sensitive to. Thus, compounded capsules allow pharmacists and healthcare providers to prepare more exact and non-traditional dosages to cater to patients’ needs.


Capsules Are Compounded to Contain Multiple Medications in Each Pill

Another major benefit of compounded capsules is that they don’t only have to contain a single medication. Pharmacies can combine multiple drugs in a single capsule shell (as long as it’s safe to do so and there will not be risk of adverse reactions). This brings down the number of pills that need to be taken and reduces the risk of certain medications not being taken because the patient may forget or run out of the current supply.


Capsules Can Avoid Allergic Reactions and Intolerances

It’s not just medicinal requirements that make compounded capsules useful. Capsules are generally more easily digested than tablets, for example. As such, they can deliver medicine faster and more effectively. Moreover, because they go down easily, there’s a lower chance of irritation or intolerance.

Those with dietary restrictions need not worry, as capsules are often made of gelatin or plant-based ingredients ­– Capsuline offers a large selection of both gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules empty capsules in several sizes. This makes them free of components such as dyes, alcohol, gluten, or sugar. And they are less likely to produce allergic reactions; it’s often the case that mass-produced, FDA-approved medications are manufactured with ingredients that may be allergic to some.


Capsules Can Also Cater to Consumers’ Preferences

Some people may have a hard time swallowing pills – regardless of whether they are capsules or tablets. However, capsules make it easier for people with such difficulties. Two-piece capsules may be opened, and their contents can be combined with other substances (most commonly food or liquids). This ensures that the medication is still taken without the need to swallow a pill – especially useful if a patient is prescribed several pills a day.


Capsules Are Also Useful for Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones that may need to take medication. Household pets such as cats and dogs are often prescribed pills to tend to their needs. Moreover, it’s well known that pets may be picky eaters. That’s why capsules – which are commonly flavorless and odorless ­– serve as a practical solution if your furry companion is not very willing to take their medicine.


Capsules Allow Consumers to Make Their Own Supplements

Another unique convenience of capsules is that they can be purchased empty in packs, and they don’t necessarily need to contain medicine. Capsules are popular for those who prefer to create their own herbal or powdered supplements at home. They can either manually fill the capsules or use a filling machine for more efficiency.

Overall, capsules help fill important needs for consumers and can deliver plenty of flexibility in one small container. Especially for persons with unique dosage needs or who require multiple medicines in a singular delivery, compounding capsules add another layer of convenience.

Whether providing for pharmacies or individual consumers, Capsuline’s inventory of high-quality capsules and accessories can satisfy your various needs. To learn more about Capsuline compounding products fill out our contact form.