Empty gelatin capsules
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Empty Gelatin Capsules


Empty Gelatin Capsules

Buy empty gel caps! We offer different sizes, from size 4 capsules to size 000 capsules, in different colors. Capsule production facilities are GMP and ISO 9001 certified. Buy now or request a quote!

Find a wide catalog: from veggie empty capsules, flavored capsules, separated capsules and more.

Empty gelatin capsules are a trusted medical delivery system. They can be used to encapsulate liquids, powders, granules, oils, extracts, and herbs in precise dosages.

Gelatin capsules are generally of two types: hard two-piece gelatin capsules (the ones you will find here) and soft gelatin capsules.

Empty gelatin capsules dissolve in the stomach, under normal conditions, within twenty to thirty minutes after swallowing.

Our capsules are made with 100% bovine hide gelatin, excellent machinability, odorless and tasteless, without preservatives, GMO-free, Not irradiated, BSE-free, allergen-free, Free of sulfur oxide, Phthalate free, Kosher / Halal (Capsuline).

Types of capsules

Vegetable Empty Capsules:
- Composition: Made from plant-based ingredients such as HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) or pullulan.
- Features: Suitable for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations. Hygroscopic nature allows them to encapsulate liquids. Ideal for vegetarians, vegans, and those with religious dietary restrictions.

Empty Gelatin Pills:
- Composition: Crafted with 100% bovine hide gelatin.
- Features: Offers precise dosage delivery. Odorless, tasteless, and free from preservatives, GMOs, irradiation, BSE, allergens, sulfur oxide, and phthalates. Certified Kosher/Hala.

Flavored Gelatin Capsules:
- Composition: Gelatin capsules infused with flavors.
- Features: Perfect for masking undesirable tastes. Available in a plethora of flavors ranging from strawberry and mint to unique ones like bacon and coffee.

Enteric Coated Capsules:
- Composition: Made with plant-derived HPMC and HPMCP. HPMCP is the enteric ingredient.
- Features: Designed to remain intact in the stomach's acidic environment. It begins dissolving only in the small intestine, typically around the 2.5 to 2.75-hour mark. Dissolution occurs in environments with a pH of 5.5 or higher.

Capsuline's diverse range of empty capsules ensures that there's a perfect fit for everyone, regardless of their specific needs or preferences. Whether you're looking for a vegetarian-friendly option, a flavored capsule to mask an unpleasant taste, or a pill that bypasses the stomach's acidity, Capsuline has a solution for you.

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