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Empty vegetarian capsules
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Empty vegetarian capsules


Vegetarian Capsules

Get empty veggie capsules in a variety of sizes and colors. We have from size 4 to size 00E. Capsuline production facilities are GMP and ISO 9001 certified. Buy now or request a quote!

Find a wide catalog: from veggie capsules, Pullulan Empty Capsules, Delayed Release Capsules and more.

HPMC Vegetarian Capsules ingredients are subjected to rigorous quality testing for physical, chemical, and microbiological integrity before being supplied to industries for capsule production. Hence, empty vegetarian capsules have excellent safety profiles when used for drug formulation.

Vegetarian capsules are suitable for any pharmaceutical or nutraceutical formulation. In addition, HPMC vegetarian capsules are hygroscopic which makes them eligible to encapsulate liquids as well. They are the preferred delivery method for vegetarians and vegans, and for those with religious restrictions.

Vegetable capsules are the perfect choice if you're looking for a vegetarian alternative; as they are made from plant-based ingredients, like HPMC or pullulan.

Vegan / vegetarian, Excellent machinability, Odorless and tasteless, Without preservatives, GMO-free, Not irradiated, BSE-free, Allergen-free, Free from sulfur oxide, Phthalate free, Kosher / Halal. Capsuline HPMC veggie capsules are also verified by the vegan society and manufactured in cGMP and ISO 9001 facilities.

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Types of Vegan Capsules

Chlorophyll Capsules: These are a type of vegan capsules often recognized for their natural green color, derived from chlorophyll. Ideal for those seeking plant-based supplements, chlorophyll empty capsules are a popular choice among health enthusiasts. They stand out not only for their color but also for their natural origin, making them a preferred option for those committed to a vegan lifestyle.

Empty Enteric Capsules: These empty vegetable capsules are designed to resist the acidic environment of the stomach. Their unique enteric coating ensures that the capsule contents are released in the intestines, rather than the stomach. This feature is particularly beneficial for ingredients that may be irritated by stomach acid or substances that are intended for absorption in the intestines. These enteric coating capsules cater to vegans who require specific release patterns for their supplements.

Pullulan Empty Capsules: Made from pullulan, a naturally fermented polysaccharide, these vegan gelatin capsules are an excellent alternative to traditional gelatin capsules. They are completely vegan and are known for their high-quality, transparent appearance. Pullulan capsules are ideal for those who wish to avoid animal-derived products while still getting the benefits of a high-quality, sturdy capsule.

Delayed Release Capsules: These capsules are a unique form of veggie capsules designed to release their contents at a specific time after ingestion. This delayed release mechanism is particularly useful for active ingredients that require timed release in the body. These Delayed Release capsules ensure that the contents reach the intended area of the body at the optimal time for absorption, making them a smart choice for targeted supplementation.