Size 000 Gelatin Capsules in Bulk

Buy empty gelatin capsules size 000 in bulk. Our gelatin capsules are made with 100% bovine hide sourced from our cattle. They are free of prions, BSE and preservatives and Kosher and Halal certified. Available in a wide variety of colors.


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000 gelatin capsules are made of pharmaceutical-grade gelatin. This gelatin is derived from the skin and bones of animals by partial hydrolysis of collagen.

Size 000 capsules are the largest capsules available, and they can hold a significant amount of medication. Some of the types of medications and supplements that can be filled into a size 000 capsule include:
- Vitamins and minerals.
- Herbal supplements.
- Dietary supplements.
- Medications.

The overall length of capsule 000 is 26.1 mm.