Capsuline PETcaps Beef Flavored Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 1 - 1000 Count - 1000
Capsuline PETcaps Beef Flavored Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 1 - 1000 Count - 1000
Capsuline PETcaps Beef Flavored Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 1 - 1000 Count - 1000
Capsuline PETcaps Beef Flavored Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 1 - 1000 Count - 1000

Capsuline PetCaps Beef Flavored Gelatin Empty Capsules Size 1

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PETcaps Beef Flavored makes giving medicine to your cats and dogs an easy task. Their flavorful coating will mask the smell of any type of dog medicine, so your pet will enjoy consuming the capsule and medication.

Made with BSE-free 100% bovine hide gelatin in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility.

The entire PETcaps line of patented gelatin capsules are easy to fill, safety tested (safe for human consumption, too!) and fast dissolving.

Suitable for use with all dry ingredients and compatible with all capsule filling machines.

Flavored capsules pre-packed in bags make giving medicine to cats and dogs an easy task. These capsules:

• Turn pills into treats – Create vitamins and supplements with full control over dosages and ingredients, knowing that these petcaps smell and taste like “food,” masking the smell and taste of any type of pet medicine. You can even use them to encapsulate existing capsule or tablet medicines or supplements.

Available in chicken, beef, and bacon flavors.

• Are high-quality capsules – These Kosher and Halal-certified empty capsules for pets are of such high quality that they are safe for human consumption. Manufactured and packaged at state-of-the-art cGMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities that meet all health compliance requirements. Made from pharmaceutical-grade 100% bovine (i.e., cow) hide gelatin and completely free of pork, additives, preservatives, contaminants, gluten, and all common allergens. Plus, the gelatin used never comes from genetically modified livestock.

• Have a unique lock technology – Farma Lock, one of the most effective capsule locking technologies available, ensures your ingredients are not wasted during or after the filling process. Reliably lock your empty capsules for pets to keep the contents safe.

• Are backed by U.S.-based customer service – We pride ourselves on providing a convenient shopping experience. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of empty capsules for pets, please contact us directly and we will do our best to make it right.



Our gelatin capsules are made from 100% bovine hide and purified water. Contains synthetical Beef or Chicken flavor.

◉ Store the empty capsules in a cool dry place to keep them from getting cracked, deformed, or swell if exposed to humidity.

◉ The optimal temperature for empty capsules is 59°-77°Fahrenheit / 15°-25°Celsius with a relative humidity between 35-65%.

◉ If properly stored, these capsules can last up to 5 years!


Flavored capsules make giving medicine to cats and dogs an easy task

How it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Separate the capsule
into two parts.

Step 2

Fill the longest part
with the medicine.

Step 3

Snap the smaller part
into the filled part.

Why Capsules?

Certified Cat Behaviorist, Ingrid Johnson, shares with us why she started using our pets flavored capsules and why everyone should try them!

By Cat Behaviorist Ingrid Johnson

"Capsules are magic when it comes to medicating cats. Let’s break that down a bit and take a look at the details". 

How to administer oral medication to your cat

Palatability Study
How cats react to our capsules!

Chicken-flavored capsules have shown to be the hassle-free method to deliver medecine to pets without a struggle.



I use these capsules for last ten years and never face any problem. Best quality capsules I recommend to all my friends and family.These are easy to fill up herbal powder and easy to take my mouth one by one.

Bakula S.
Los Angeles, CA

Good quality, they last for a long time and not shrink or bend with time, moisture or heat. 5K packages are priced the best

Deepak C.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you need the best and are not satisfied with the rest, capsuline passes my test. I make so many of my own supplements and I realize the importance of using vegetable capsules. Never let me down. My go-to cap supplier. Thanks guys.

Anthony T.
Brooklyn, NY