2023 Nutraceutical Trends

Nutraceutical products can significantly improve overall wellness, helping to achieve optimal health. They may even aid users in enhancing beauty and performance.

 2023 Nutraceutical Trends

The increasing health awareness during the past few years has led people to commit to improving their overall well-being. As such, more population across the globe has made lifestyle and dietary changes in their daily life. Besides incorporating physical activity and improving diet, nutraceutical products are helping people obtain optimal health.

As a result, the global nutraceutical products market attained a value of about USD 306.72 billion in 2021 and is estimated to witness healthy growth in the forecast period of 2023-2028 to reach about USD 462.89 billion by 2027 (1).

Below, we discuss some nutraceutical trends that will continue to impact this industry. Keep reading! 

Trend #1: Gut Health and Digestive Issues 

Trend #1: Gut Health and Digestive Issues

Gut health is essential in maintaining overall health, thanks to the good bacteria lining the intestines.  

The microorganisms living in the gut significantly influence physiological and psychological well-being. Therefore, maintaining a healthy microbial balance and diversity is necessary to restore gut health. 

Prebiotics and probiotics improve the growth of good bacteria and feed the gut flora. While it is possible to consume prebiotics and probiotics from food, taking supplements can speed up gut recovery.

Besides improving overall body functioning, increasing probiotics and prebiotics can address digestive health issues like diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.  

Trend #2: Sleep Cycles and Insomnia 

Trend #2: Sleep Cycles and Insomnia

While physical activity and a balanced diet are essential factors impacting health, sleep is equally vital. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle ensures the body gets time to rest and reenergize for the next day. Besides affecting performance, productivity, and mood, sleep quality can influence mental and physical health. 

Unfortunately, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, "about 70 million people experience sleep disorders yearly". (2)

Irregular and unhealthy sleep cycles and sleeping issues like restlessness and insomnia can increase the risk of developing severe medical conditions. The good news is that nutraceutical products, like melatonin supplements, can help address these issues.

Trend #3: Demand for Plant-Based Nutraceutical Products 

Trend #4: Demand for Plant-Based Nutraceutical Products

It would be fair to say that the recent pandemic disrupted the nutraceutical industry. While you may assume that changes in the supply chain were the primary reason, it was not the only cause. 

Lately, consumer preferences have significantly evolved because of their lifestyle choices as people are becoming more conscious of how their choices affect the environment and planet (3). For example, consumer demand in the nutrition market is experiencing a massive shift to products completely free from animal-derived ingredients.  

People are choosing plant-based nutraceutical products over those derived from animals. Our HPMC vegetarian capsules and pullulan capsules, for example, meet the growing demands of our customers to give them more confidence.  

Trend #4: Beauty and Sports Industry 

Trend #5: Beauty and Sports Industry

Besides health, a handful of trends are transforming the nutraceutical market. Essentially, these trends include the beauty/cosmetics and sports industry.  


Holistic beauty and nutricosmetics are at the forefront of the trend. It is a cross between health and beauty and advocates taking supplements or consuming products that improve how people look and feel from the inside out. 

Nutricosmetics tend to be backed by scientific claims. For example, they claim to improve skin elasticity via drinkable collagen or improve digestion by offering good bacteria in daily capsules

It is a rising trend and will continue to grow, due to the interest in self-knowledge, health, and wellness. Kombucha, medicinal mushrooms, and turmeric are on the list of nutricosmetics for 2023.  


The fitness industry has been growing at a rate of 8.7% per year for the past few years, obtaining excellent success.  

Like in the beauty industry, fitness enthusiasts are interested in supplements and products (protein powders, tablets, capsules, and more) that can help them enhance their performance from within.  

These products contain fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which help them gain more energy, build muscle tissues, increase concentration and enhance recovery time.  

Bottom line

Consumers worldwide are more concerned about their physical and mental health and are looking for products that will boost them from the inside.

The good news is that nutraceutical companies are seeing this need and responding to it with a range of well-tested products.

From Capsuline, we have certified empty gelatin and vegetarian capsules to help these companies to produce safe and high-quality products to cover this demand.



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