Benefits of Nettle

Since ancient times nettle has been a primary ingredient in herbal medicine. Nettle is a shrub that comes from Northern Europe and Asia. Its scientific name is Urtica dioicaThe nettle plant stem is covered in tiny, stiff hairs that release stinging chemicals when touched.  

Studies suggest that Nettle supports several potential health benefits. Including nettle in your diet is extremely simple. The leaves from the nettle plant can be crushed and made into several different products such as, powders, tinctures, creams, teas, supplements and can easily be found in your grocery store or online.  

Benefits of Nettle

Here are 5 incredible benefits of nettle.  

1. Contains Nutrients  

Nettle leaves provide a variety of nutrients such as, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, CalciumIron, Magnesium, Potassium, all the essential amino acids, and healthy fats like palmitic acid, and stearic acid.  

Even more impressive than that hefty list of nutrients is that these nutrients act as antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants help defend your cells against free radicals. Free radicals can cause damage to your cells and have been linked to cancer and other diseases. Researchers suggest nettle can raise blood antioxidant levels. 

2. Reduces Inflammation  

A staggering number of 125 Americans suffer from Chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can cause several health problems and can be painful and uncomfortable.  

Nettle has been found to have several anti-inflammatory compounds. Studies found that applying nettle cream or taking nettle supplements can relieve inflammatory conditions, such as arthritisNettle has also been found to help treat sore muscles.  

3. Helps with Urinary Tract Health  

Nettle has been shown to benefit people who suffer from urinary tract conditions.  Researchers say that nettle can help flush harmful bacteria from the urinary tract which can relieve pain and other problems that come with having a urinary tract condition.  

Benign Prostatic hyperplasia is a urinary condition and can cause an enlarged prostate gland in men. According to researchers, men with this condition had reduced symptoms when they consumed nettle daily as opposed to those who didn’t.  

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4. Lowers Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is a serious health issue that affects one in three American adults. High blood pressure can put you at risk for heart disease and strokes. These are among the leading causes of death globally.  

Nettle has been used to treat high blood pressure for years and has been proven to help lower blood pressure in numerus ways.  

Firstly, nettle stimulates nitric oxide production. This acts as a vasodilator which calms the muscles of your blood vesselsultimately helping them expand.  

Furthermore, nettle can relax your heart by reducing the force of contractions. This is due to the fact that nettle has compounds that may act as calcium and channel blockers. Stinging nettle has also been shown to raise the hearts antioxidant defense while lowering blood pressure.  

5. Helps Control Blood Sugar  

Several studies in both humans and animals have linked nettle to lowering blood sugar levels.  

 Nettle can help the pancreas make and release more insulin which is the hormone responsible for lowering blood sugar. It’s been shown to have effects on blood glucose levels and effectively lowering them.  

A study done on 46 people, taking 500 mg of nettle three times a daily showed a significant lower in blood sugar levels.  

Nettle has several health benefits and can help your body in numerous ways. Besides having a vast array of nutrients, reducing inflammation, aiding in urinary tract conditions, lowering blood pressure, and managing blood sugar, nettle also has other potential health benefits. These benefits include boosting liver health, wound healing, and lessened bleeding.  

Nettle is extremely versatile and can be included in your diet in numerous ways. Nettle can be brewed as an herbal tea, cooked in soups and stews, applied as a cream, and can be taken as a supplement. You can even make your own nettle supplements right at home, using Capsuline empty capsules. Try nettle today and see how it can benefit your body!  

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