Make your own liquid filled capsule supplements

While we’ve recently posted about making your own powder-filled capsule supplements, that’s not the only way to go about making your supplements and ingesting essential nutrients. Another important and certainly effective way of getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is though making your own liquid-filled capsules. In fact, in most cases, to safely ingest essential oils, vegetarian capsules are the recommended form. On the other hand, there are certain nutrients that are predominantly liquid or oil form, such as fish oil for example. Luckily, we carry capsules specially designed to hold liquid ingredients.

Fill empty capsules with oil

Liquid filled capsule supplements

So, what kind of oils or liquids should we or perhaps could we be taking in capsule form? 

CBD Capsules

 CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound from the cannabinoid family. This particular string or cannabinoid occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and has been found to work wonders to aid sleeping, fighting anxiety and even reducing pain without having psychoactive properties. While popular in other forms like gummies and CBD oil drops, making your own CBD capsules has some obvious benefits:

  • Dosage: no guesswork, just go ahead and make the recommended dosage.
  • Taste and smell: CBD oil is unpalatable for some; capsuled CBD takes this particular problem out of the equation.
  • Discretion: for some, taking CBD in public may be a reason not to take it or skip a dose if at work for example.

Fish Oil Capsules

If CBD is the “latest craze”, then fish oil with its omega-3 fatty acids, is the “cult classic”. Fish oil as you may have guessed comes from oily fish and is a great source of omega 3. For years, it has been a way to get the healthy fats associated with heart and bone health, memory and mood improvement, a better complexion and even weight control. Because our bodies don’t produce these “healthy fats”, they must be ingested through food or supplements. And because of dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, capsule form is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs.

Essential Oils

In general, essential oils and its wide variety of options and combinations are a great way to “access” benefits of plants. From lime for detoxification to peppermint for good digestion, and frankincense for maintaining overall health, herbs are a human tradition of interacting with the natural world. Essential oils are a way to get those benefits in concentrated form. This, however, is to be exercised with caution. Because essential oils are concentrated chemical compounds obtained through the extraction and distillation of plant materials to get their best components, they are very potent. To safely ingest them, capsules are recommended not only because of taste, but also to prevent irritation of the digestive lining and ensure proper dosage to prevent unfavorable bodily reactions like allergies, ulcers, and tooth enamel erosion.

Go ahead and make your own liquid-filled capsules

To make your own fish oil, essential oil or CBD capsules, you need:

  • The right capsules: beware of certain capsules that may “melt” when filled with liquid. For this reason, we suggest using our certified vegetarian capsules that are liquid resistant and 100% plant-derived HPMC non-GMO verified and contain no animal by-products, BSE, preservatives, artificial colors, starch, sugar, corn, wheat or dairy. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, that may aid in your daily sorting routine.
  • Accessories: Using handy accessories like the Counting Tray and our very special funnel, filling your capsules just got a whole lot easier.

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Ready to make your own liquid-filled capsule supplements? Share your recipes and experiences with us on social media, you can benefit a whole community!

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