Exciting News: Capsuline Now Has Pullulan Capsules!

The global demand for vegetarian and “natural” products is continuing to increase, and Capsuline is excited to offer you another option to meet this demand: Pullulan two-piece hard vegetarian capsules.

Here’s what you need to know, and why you should consider buying pullulan capsules.

Pullulan Empty Capsules

What is pullulan?

First discovered in 1958, pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer that is produced from liquid starch by natural fermentation. Unlike most polysaccharides, however, this fiber material is water-soluble. Pullulan makes an excellent capsule material because of its outstanding film-forming properties and good plasticity.

What are the ingredients of these pullulan capsules?

Our pullulan capsules are a very “pure” product, with just four ingredients. The bulk of the capsule – 85 to 90% – is pullulan-pullulan usp (derived from corn starch). The other 10 to 15% consists of purified water, locust bean gum and xanthan gum...all of which are natural, vegetarian ingredients.

What size pullulan capsules are available?

All two-piece hard capsules are made in standardized sizes, with larger numbers indicating smaller-sized capsules. Capsuline’s pullulan capsules are available in sizes 0 and 00, which tend to be the most popular capsule sizes overall.

Corn starch

Are pullulan capsules suitable for all fill types?

Pullulan capsules are suitable for most fill types, but not all. You can safely use them with most dry ingredients, including powders, granules, beads, tablets and herbs. Be aware, however, that because of their high-water content, pullulan capsules should not be used with absorbent powders or liquid ingredients.

On the other hand, pullulan capsules should be your “go to” capsule when you need a vegetarian capsule for oxygen-sensitive fill materials. Pullulan capsules provide the excellent oxygen barrier that HPMC vegetarian capsules do not.

What do pullulan capsules look like?

Pullulan capsules are clear and uncolored, with a shiny/lustrous appearance. Their transparency gives them a “natural” look that is ideal for natural, vegetarian products.

How do pullulan capsules compare to other 2-piece hard capsules?

From the standpoint of functionality, there is no difference between pullulan capsules and the gelatin capsules and HPMC capsules that you may be more familiar with. They are all made in the same industry-standardized shape and sizes. They all function the same way on your filling equipment. They can all effectively isolate odors. They are all a dosage format that is very familiar to consumers.

As you would expect, pullulan capsules are reliably stable—provided you follow the storage and handling instructions. To maintain stability, they should be kept within the recommended temperature range of 59°-77° Fahrenheit / 15°-25° Celsius and relative humidity range of between 45 and 65%.

Like HPMC capsules, pullulan capsules are a completely plant-sourced vegetarian product. A big difference is that the pullulan in these capsules is made from corn starch, which is a food ingredient, while HPMC is made from plant sources that are not food ingredients.

Unlike gelatin capsules, pullulan capsules are chemically inert. This means that just like with HPMC capsules, you do not have to worry that your pullulan capsules will interact or cross-link with the fill material.

Pullulan Caps

Can pullulan capsules support “clean label” claims?

Today many people care deeply about what they put into their bodies. They are looking for products with what is known as “clean labels,” meaning products that they see as being healthier because they are free from artificial and other “undesirable” ingredients.

Capsuline’s pullulan capsules meet this demand. They are:

  • 100% vegetarian, free of all animal products.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Kosher and Halal certified.
  • BSE-free.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Dye-free.
  • Colorant-free.
  • Gluten-free
  • Free of all of the most common food allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk (both dairy protein and lactose), fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, barley, sesame and gluten.
  • In addition, no toxic chemicals are involved in harvesting pullulan.


Pullulan capsules are growing in popularity. Capsuline is excited to meet this demand with all-natural vegetarian pullulan capsules that will perform very well, with a wide variety of non-liquid fill materials.