Flavored Capsules for Pets: A Great Solution for a Significant Problem

If you’ve ever tried giving a pill to a pet, you know that pets do not like taking medication. Because standard capsules and pills do not smell or taste like “food,” most dogs and cats refuse to swallow them. Instead they run away, refuse to open their mouths, eat the food that the capsule is “disguised” in and then spit out the capsule, and so forth.

Often, out of desperation, pet owners resort to force feeding, which can be harmful in and of itself. Prying apart a pet’s jaws and shoving something down its throat (without getting bitten by the pet in the process) is stressful for the pet owner and frightening and painful for the pet.

Luckily, there is a better way…

Dog taking a capsule pill

Flavored Capsules for Pets Turn “Meds” into “Treats”

Available only from Capsuline, flavored capsules for pets make it easy to give capsules to pets. These unique gelatin capsules are currently available in three flavors that pets love: beef, chicken and bacon. Plus, there are more flavors under development.

Because these capsules both smell and taste like foods that pets love, pets happily ingest their medicine and then beg for more. By transforming medicines into “treats,” flavored capsules for pets eliminate the need for force feeding, disguising the capsule in a ball of food, and other often-unsuccessful ways to pill a pet.

Available in Three Sizes

Flavored capsules for pets can be used to encapsulate powders, liquids, extracts and oils. They are compatible with all capsule-filling machines. All three flavors are available in the three most popular capsule sizes for the veterinary market:

Size Volume Overall Closed Length
0 .68 ml 21.6 mm
1 .48 ml 19.4 mm
3 .27 ml 15.7 mm


These are premium-quality products made from BSE-free 100% bovine hide pharmaceutical grade gelatin in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility. In fact, these capsules are made to such a high standard that they are safe for human consumption as well!

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