Caring for Your Pet Naturally in 2021

Our furry four-legged friends are more than just our pets. They are our best friends. They are always there when we need them, to be movie buddies, a paw to cry on, or someone to talk out loud to. Never judging, they are always ready to give their undying love and affection. Why not give them the absolute best years we can?

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Here are 5 Ways to Care for your Pets Naturally:

Natural Pet Food

Beware of friendly disguised packaging and brand advertising. Many brands are trying to appeal to health and being natural without changing their ingredients. At Capsuline, we are proud to provide chicken flavored capsules that are not only healthy but yummy for pets. 

Here is a guide to help choose the right kind of food:

  1. Unless otherwise labeled, a corn ingredient is not organic, it’s probably GMO corn.
  2. At least two meats or meat meals should be listed as the top ingredients in any dry food. In addition, a named meat should be the first ingredient in any other form of food. Such as canned, froze, or raw food.
  3. Avoid synthetic chemical preservatives. Ethyoxyquin, BHT and BHA are a few to look for.
  4. Choose a food that is complete and balanced for all stages of life.
  5. For cats, a high protein, high moisture diet is very important in aiding a lifetime of optimal kidney and bladder health.
  6. Specialty manufacturers are the safest bet. They are usually the ones who are taking the time to look for the best quality ingredients and making a healthy, natural food, for a decent price.
  7. Dry and canned food are heavily processed. Try to implement a raw, frozen, or dehydrated diet for the most natural nutrition.

Natural Grooming

There is no regulation on a lot of the products available for grooming your pet. This is especially true for shampoos made for killing fleas or resolving skin issues, such as flaking and itching. Your pets’ skin can absorb many of these chemicals, that end up in their blood, and can cause a strain on their liver.  Natural grooming products that use mild ingredients are better on the skin and are less likely to be absorbed.

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Natural Supplements and Vitamins

Natural supplements that come from whole foods are much more beneficial for your pet. Their bodies can absorb and utilize them a lot better than synthetic vitamins that are produced in a lab. In addition, lab-based vitamins and supplements have proven to be harmful to pets.

Capsuline has created special capsules for your furry friends, available in sizes that are small enough to hide and swallow. They are flavored to your furry friends taste buds, like chicken flavored gelatin capsules, beef flavored capsules, and of course, bacon flavored capsules.

Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) claims that every registered flea and tick chemical product has been documented to have caused a form of an adverse reaction for some pets. To avoid this, there are natural flea and tick control methods available.

To have success with these methods, pet owners will need to be very vigilant and dedicated. The best method is to cover the three major zones your pet tends to go- the house, the car, and the yard. If your pet is in good health, they won’t be taken down easily by parasites. This is best achieved through a good diet.  Key supplements to provide your pet with are B vitamins, garlic and yeast. Turns out that fleas and ticks do not like these flavors and will leave your furry loved one alone.

It is important to consult with your vet before administering garlic to your pet as a natural treatment. Too much garlic can end up harming your pet.

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Natural Pet Treats and Chews

Make sure you are checking where your treats are made and where they are coming from! Try to avoid jerky treats- chicken, duck, sweet potato, and dried fruit treats- made in China. A lot of these treats have been linked to illness and death in many pets. Some of these items have been recalled, but a lot of them are making their way back into stores.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated meats or organs, such as liver and lung, are the best treats you can offer your pet. Make sure to check that there are no additives, chemicals, or harsh processing done to them fist.

Making these changes to your pets’ diet can really make a difference to their years. Capsuline is ready to help you, by offering the most natural ingredients in our capsules. We source and grow all of our materials on our own farms, assuring for the best quality your pet can get.

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