Chicken Flavored Capsules: A lifesaver when medicating your pet

We know that your fluffy one is part of the family and it's crucial to do whatever it takes to keep the little one healthy and happy. Nevertheless, we also know that you struggle every time you need to make them swallow medication because cats and dogs are very good at rejecting medicine. Sometimes playing hide-and-seek could be a good and fun idea until your pet insists on playing it every time you prepare his daily medications or vitamins. 

Empty capsules for dogs

As humans, we're used to take supplements even if they have a bad taste. Still, our furry one avoids taking their pills because they have a sophisticated sense of smell, even better than ours. If you have already tried to hide pills in a piece of meat or cheese without any luck and your dog or cat always finds the way to eat the treat and spit out the pill, we have the solution! Stop forcing your pet to swallow its medication. This can be dangerous for their health and become a very stressful situation for you. If you experience difficulties when you administrate some pills to your pet, empty chicken flavored capsules can become your lifesaver. 

Empty chicken flavored gelatin capsules not only mask the flavor of the medication they hold, but also smell and taste like chicken, which pets love. Your pet will happily ingest their pills without resistance. The solution lies in making your pets' pills in their favorite flavor, increasing both compliance and pet owner satisfaction. You won’t regret trying them out, and once you do, share it with all your friends and family!

Your pet's well-being surely means peace of mind for you. Taking care of their health is ensuring no suffering or traumatic events like swallowing medication. There’s not a better way to administrate drugs than using a capsule that tastes like chicken, breaks quickly in the stomach and does not interfere with the release of the medication. It will also not cause any reaction. All of our empty capsules are gluten free and BSE free. Capsuline’s flavored capsules for pets are Kosher and Halal certified so you can rely on the fact that you are ensuring your pet’s health with a high quality product.

The experience of our customers proves the relevance of our product and its usefulness. Many of them state that the pet capsules saved their lives, some of them even said that the use of gelatin capsules for their pets helped with the frustration felt by not being able to medicate them. Finally, our customers appreciate the practicality of our product and the multiple uses for it.  The chicken flavored pet capsules are even useful when it comes to medicating the furry ones with a liquid substance. We invite you to continue reading our customers' reviews to learn more about their experience and tips on the uses of these gelatin capsules for your pet.

Forget worrying about buying pill pockets, wrappers or maskers and save money. Still wondering how to begin with flavored empty gelatin capsules for your pet? Simply buy the empty capsules, open them, insert your pet’s medication and put the two ends together again. Also, keep in mind that you can fill them with many types of dry materials as herbs and supplements, among others. Oral capsules come in many sizes, you can choose them accordingly to your pet’s size and weight, the range of sizes available fits animals of all proportions. The most popular being our size 3 empty chicken flavored capsules, which are small and smell like chicken.

PetCaps, Empty Capsules for Pets

If you are still doubting why starting the process of making your pet’s capsules is a good idea, here are some benefits and tips: 

  • Empty capsules for your pet supplements or medications will be a less stressful medicating process.
  • They are available in different sizes that suits your cat or dog needs.
  • Our flavored capsules can be added to your pet’s meals and he/she will not even realize that there's medicine, vitamins or supplements in there.
  • Making your own pet capsules will save you money. When comparing the price of supplements, it's cheaper when you buy your own raw ingredients and capsules. 

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